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NetWord Puzzle Answers March 13, 2024

Author: by Steve Faiella

“Ali __ and the 40 Thieves” BABA
“Look what I did!” TADA
Cat-chasing cry SCAT
Trendy tropical berry ACAI
British singer of “Skyfall” ADELE
Dog in Oz TOTO
Uncool person NERD
Measuring stick RULER
Very often ALOT
What a potential employee files JOBAPPLICATION
Yes, in French OUI
Superlative suffix EST
__ circle (most-trusted friends) INNER
Take the wheel STEER
Beach locale SHORE
401(k) alternative IRA
Edgar Allan __ POE
Amaze AWE
Mind reader’s skill, for short ESP
What a manicurist files FINGERNAILS
Zodiac feline LEO
Unlock, poetically OPE
Noncommercial TV ad PSA
Overly moody, informally EMO
Hidden supply STASH
More qualified ABLER
Occupied, as a desk SATAT
“__ matter of fact . . .” ASA
Praiseful poem ODE
What one with a bent fender files INSURANCECLAIM
Ink smear BLOT
Stopped sleeping AWOKE
Prefix for freeze ANTI
Hairy Himalayan legend YETI
Sulked MOPED
Be introduced to MEET
Genesis garden EDEN
Low-energy light bulbs, for short LEDS
Tosses in ADDS
Bluegrass band instruments BANJOS
Get the better of ACEOUT
Ken’s girlfriend in a 2023 movie BARBIE
Verdi opera AIDA
Waterproof coverings TARPS
Grownups ADULTS
Sandwich shop DELI
Actor Guinness ALEC
Clothing discoloration STAIN
USA’s “original 13” COLONIES
They make amends ATONERS
Small kid TOT
Historical period ERA
Evita surname PERON
Place a knot in TIE
Sharp door knock RAP
“Earthquake” prefix for center EPI
Rabbit cousins HARES
Possess OWN
Harvest a crop REAP
Show-biz award quartet EGOT
Extra-info line in a book FOOTNOTE
Mileage rating agcy. EPA
Author Asimov ISAAC
Scientist’s work room LAB
__ Miserables LES
Corresponded electronically with EMAILED
Threesome following R STU
Broke into, as a computer HACKED
Allowed to borrow LOANED
Spruced up for publication EDITED
Sends a payment REMITS
Sean of the Lord of the Rings films ASTIN
Food for birds SEEDS
Lamb’s father RAM
Army truant: Abbr. AWOL
“Uh-uh” NOPE
The Dalai __ LAMA
“So long!” BYE


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