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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword January 19 2023 Answers

The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword January 19 2023 Answers:

Claim in a complicated legal letter 6 letters ALLEGE
Broadcast advice to send fewer telegrams 8 letters WIRELESS
No trap for fish possibly 6 letters TARPON
The fat soft piece 5 letters PLUMP
Angry with a joker? 4 letters WILD
What soldiers (at the double) say as they leave 4 letters TATA
As a friend perhaps Pearl’s finished with Joe 4 letters GIRL
Animal giving a hiss 3 letters ASS
Get together as recruits? 4 letters JOIN
In France a water department 4 letters OISE
In N. Ireland oddly enough it was Enoch Powell’s constituency 9 letters DOWNSOUTH
Benedict Arnold’s lake 4 letters TARN
In the poorest ateliers is where you can see fine pictures! 4 letters TATE
Cook undersized fish 3 letters FRY
In which your coin may be lost? 4 letters SLOT
She’s crazy about India! 4 letters MAID
To run out of ideas initially can spoil things 4 letters RUIN
A team never in front? 5 letters ASIDE
Workers many have hoped to win 6 letters SWEEPS
East Asian people who live among giants? 8 letters TIBETANS
Those dashing young chaps from Sheffield? 6 letters BLADES
At one’s wits’ end shed tears when brushed off 5 letters SWEPT
Swimmer in a strict routine 5 letters TROUT
Hit the mug holding the money 4 letters SLAP
Moving a jug 5 letters ASTIR
Gosh it might be Lucan! 4 letters LORD
Like beef you can eat it 6 letters GROUSE
Might such an effort get total support for a strike? 6 letters ALLOUT
Left a seaman little room 3 letters LAB
Commander in chief? 5 letters MAJOR
Triumphs by a good score nominally 7 letters WINSTON
Less than marginal that’s very clear 3 letters GIN
A hush in the wood 3 letters ASH
Confesses the snow-drift’s getting higher 6 letters OWNSUP
Articles forming a piece of erudite writing 5 letters ITEMS
Has it sun only once a week? 3 letters DAY
When wild perhaps one is singularly seedy! 3 letters OAT
Tool for putting a telephone line in? 6 letters TROWEL
Caught up again 3 letters DID
Is inclined to make slits 5 letters LISTS
An Irish saint and an excellent fellow 5 letters AIDAN
Being thick needs to change 5 letters DENSE
Studied once more the advert 4 letters READ
Top mimic getting cross 4 letters APEX


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