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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,972 – Jan 20 2023 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
3 writer? Yes, working through pages PEPYS
Awfully cosy when meeting power, hard workers who toady SYCOPHANTS
Defeated female, corrosive influence getting told off FRUSTRATED
Doing brilliantly, confronting leader to be deposed ACING
First woman almost to register as competitive rider EVENTER
Graduate makes a case, penning short excuse CALIBRATE
Having received audible jeer, escaped totally exhausted FRAZZLED
Hormone? My mood is being restricted CORTISONE
I travel into place to have a hearty meal PIGOUT
Illness? One must get up minim­ally, obeying instructions COMPLIANT
Incomer by ground that has yet to be developed EMBRYONIC
It’s dull outside, terribly TEDIOUS
Love to examine old language OSCAN
Man given new life to be idle, mostly before a short dash LAZARUS
Old flyers going round in game FARO
Old garment no good? Smart and hot! TOASTING
One bit of a plant another duck’s destroyed ANTHER
Philosopher bites back, cross about article SPINOZA
Prisoners, kind to get locked in as mates CONSORTS
Record year with help having been set up DIARY
Sends up meals to two opponents at table TEASES
Sightseer: gentleman about to be taken in by spiv? TOURIST
Stones number one track changes here PITSTOP
Two companions outside historic city chapel? CHURCH
Welsh town’s fashion, not posh MOLD
What garden centres sell? There’s fuss over British Standards POTHERBS
Wild gang proceeds on a run hampered by stuff carried EGGANDSPOONRACE
Yours truly’s limited by nasty antisocial act is getting used to things ACCLIMATISATION


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