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The Sun Crossword Answers January 19, 2023


Book a woman’s back treatment REHAB
Show couple embracing in ecstasy MATINEE
Preserve grim sincerity CANDOUR
Ram one to stop ears twitching ARIES
Mayor with pain developing burning desire PYROMANIA
Friedrich Engels accommodates egg producer HEN
Thus far the lonely heart’s desire? TODATE
Swimmer in location without current PLAICE
Power and energy start to affect plant PEA
Crane unit shaky and insecure UNCERTAIN
From tent he takes letter to Greeks THETA
Real ire festering before EARLIER
Pragmatist on a roll REALIST
Point to this clean translation? LANCE
Recovery clinic REHAB
Afternoon performance MATINEE
Frankness CANDOUR
Zodiacal sign ARIES
Arsonist’s compulsion PYROMANIA
Female bird HEN
Until now TODATE
Large flatfish PLAICE
Green vegetable PEA
Not definite UNCERTAIN
Eighth Greek letter THETA
Previously EARLIER
One without illusions REALIST
Jousting spear LANCE


Step right up for review RECAP
Good score or several scores? HUNDRED
Flourish as Liberal in good times BLOOM
River in principal area, place with boats MARINA
Excessive effort as dog bites Virginia TRAVAIL
Get this straight from the horse’s mouth? NEIGH
Character in German city church ESSENCE
One providing better information? TIPSTER
Bloke got up in new suit gives wave TSUNAMI
Garibaldi say in pizza place? ITALIAN
Account over money as priority ACCENT
Area near crumbling stadium ARENA
Laura mostly upset crossing river in country RURAL
Care worker new user distressed NURSE
Summary RECAP
Flower BLOOM
Yacht haven MARINA
Unpleasantly hard work TRAVAIL
Whinny NEIGH
Racing pundit TIPSTER
Destructive sea wave TSUNAMI
European resident ITALIAN
Emphasis ACCENT
Large sports venue ARENA
Pastoral or bucolic RURAL
Tend to sick NURSE


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