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The Sun Crossword Answers November 03, 2022


Conservative thug shows political muscle? CLOUT
Nick is to withdraw from contest SCRATCH
Bloomer in parking: auntie crashed PETUNIA
Caught bishop drinking spirit, small amount CRUMB
One politician, old Trump, explodes spontaneously IMPROMPTU
Rubbish initially appearing in Times TAT
Is able to move and descend spectacularly ABSEIL
Tyrant finally dies in warehouse DESPOT
Steal from Sandro Botticelli ROB
What young gangster grows to? ADULTHOOD
Legal defence excellent trapping Liberal ALIBI
Brave man to vex social worker GALLANT
Speaker’s parentage in dispute DISSENT
Power metal put forward PLEAD
Small cut SCRATCH
Common garden plant PETUNIA
Cake fragment CRUMB
Unrehearsed IMPROMPTU
Tasteless articles TAT
Climb down using rope ABSEIL
Autocrat DESPOT
Plunder ROB
Grown state ADULTHOOD
Suspect’s excuse ALIBI
Chivalrous GALLANT
Disagreement DISSENT
Implore PLEAD


Isle having better scripture studies CAPRI
Army threat to Navy? OCTOPUS
Beat good with old musical piece TANGO
Monkey one for breaded prawns SCAMPI
One preferring solitude on tricky clues RECLUSE
Tease tense relative TAUNT
Practice at home ground HABITAT
An action that’s highly offensive? AIRRAID
Silver found during one excavation? Fancy! IMAGINE
Unholy right of breaking window PROFANE
Change initially tight spending plan BUDGET
Composer brings perfect happiness BLISS
This from bulb lit up amazingly TULIP
Old-fashioned saw DATED
Territory off Naples CAPRI
Tentacled creature OCTOPUS
Argentinian dance TANGO
Shrimp dish SCAMPI
Mock or jeer TAUNT
Attack by planes AIRRAID
Visualise IMAGINE
Blasphemous PROFANE
Economy BUDGET
Rapture BLISS
Dutch bloom TULIP
Outmoded DATED


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