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The Sun Crossword Answers November 02, 2022


Gear Renault redesigned NEUTRAL
Wine from Brazilian port? Yes, in Berlin RIOJA
One sent from master class GENUS
Hostile as giant runs amok AGAINST
Commercial delegation right to enter ADMISSION
A setter is showing intent AIM
Salt in quota revised TAR
Greek leader soon accepts brave maiden AGAMEMNON
Sons watch Bill STICKER
Telling untruths flat out? LYING
Ridiculously large drink LAGER
Breathe fire INSPIRE
Unbiased NEUTRAL
Red wine RIOJA
Group of species GENUS
Disclosure ADMISSION
Goal AIM
Pitch TAR
Mycenaean king at Troy AGAMEMNON
Adhesive label STICKER
Prostrate LYING
Beer type LAGER
Encourage INSPIRE


Mystery morning drink European served up ENIGMA
Feel very hot running water? BURN
Man’s situation is as heir ruined IRISHSEA
Boxer consumes cabbage endlessly in compound ALKALI
Part essential to care arrangements AREA
Jet in and out with fan whirring FOUNTAIN
Prohibit mostly domesticated chicken BANTAM
Union formed in grim area MARRIAGE
Provocation on ship not desired NEEDLESS
Conflict lets US off TUSSLE
RAF surprisingly needs help as scared AFRAID
Retired shooter to acquire a little wisdom? NUGGET
Starfleet’s Captain Douglas? KIRK
Girl, Irish one, small IRIS
Overcook BURN
Atlantic arm IRISHSEA
Not acid ALKALI
Neighbourhood AREA
Water feature FOUNTAIN
Small fowl BANTAM
Matrimony MARRIAGE
Excessive NEEDLESS
Struggle TUSSLE
Frightened AFRAID
Gold lump NUGGET
Scots church KIRK
Perennial plant IRIS


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