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The Sun Crossword April 01, 2023


Small cat polluted air SMOG
Evil situation: man will defect HELLHOLE
Present in the vicinity ATHAND
Writer’s bed in Kent region SCRIBE
Magnificent woods run wild WONDROUS
Bring home bacon in nuclear navy EARN
G-man back close to guard DEFEND
Score with Ulster thrashed RESULT
Drive after parking vehicle mums use PRAM
Man traps bird in water barrier ASWANDAM
Golfer ready to make money PROFIT
Brosnan’s Romeo in drama PIERCE
Spoilt brat shown on TV IMPAIRED
Takes food in neat spoonfuls EATS
Smoke mixed with fog SMOG
Unbearable place HELLHOLE
Close by ATHAND
Copyist SCRIBE
Deserve or merit EARN
Consequence RESULT
Baby carriage PRAM
1902 Nile construction ASWANDAM
Financial gain PROFIT
Penetrate PIERCE
Consumes EATS


Temperature in Rome disrupted rail system METRO
Noble relative on Scottish river GRANDEE
Carrier from Lesotho delivered HOD
Stalwarts fighting ultimate provocation LASTSTRAW
Keep talking in mob HORDE
Politician reinvented Braille LIBERAL
Ex-teacher becomes great artist OLDMASTER
Is one soundly beaten? EARDRUM
Honest one in screen adaptation SINCERE
Mob intend uprising about a fine MAFIA
Company in a street in Berkshire town ASCOT
Shell in Aleppo detonates POD
Paris underground METRO
Man of high rank GRANDEE
Brick holder HOD
Final inconvenience LASTSTRAW
Broad-minded LIBERAL
Revered painting OLDMASTER
Tympanic membrane EARDRUM
Free from deceit SINCERE
Sicilian criminals MAFIA
Royal racecourse ASCOT
Pea container POD


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