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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,085 – Jun 27 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
African international impressed by The Piano after editing ETHIOPIAN
Alaskan city has an unpleasant duty collecting silver ANCHORAGE
Author from Australia brought in beer and fruit on the turn? EMILEZOLA
Butler in film, right hand dry, grabbing last tip from duke RHETT
Class system ORDER
Credit note with me for review: this locates hidden charges MINEDETECTOR
Dante wild with rage in open-air restaurant TEAGARDEN
Diamonds and heroin on vessel: an unknown quantity DARKHORSE
Discourage Morse creator missing dash dot dot dash? DETER
End complicated with master builders for instance TRADESMEN
Few crossing motorway in old battle zone SOMME
Horrendous heat burns — person prostrate on beach SUNBATHER
In Paris, some trouble to follow for each wild ruffian DESPERADO
Italian musician needs decision to avoid court VERDI
Minute beach crab regularly disappearing in spiritual centre MECCA
No spring chicken? More daring to go topless OLDER
Outrageous for one sector finally to fail us EGREGIOUS
Player religionist eviscerated in Japanese drama NORTH
Port and nuts passed back to rank chap? ROTTERDAM
Quite attentive to personal hygiene? CLEAN
Reclusive star in dress circle GARBO
River sources only running high in New England RHINE
Seductive women spread henna round about locks ENCHANTRESSES
Senior cabinet minister provides rally in reshuffle LORDPRIVYSEAL
Sophisticate — fellow on brink of victory one’s denied? MANABOUTTOWN
Stuffing rook into pot is cruel HARSH
Three fellows in line, each wanting last dance CHACHACHA
Youth on scooter run overtaking Muse and church official? MODERATOR


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