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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28615 May 29 2023 Crossword

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28615
Clues Answers
A tactic I deployed to find lake TITICACA
Agree scam must get old police turning up CONCUR
Almost consider retail a kind of therapy counselling
As a result of hard work cracked a new profession for ones pains
Catch a husband, a smoker HOOKAH
Crime against ploughman reported in a flash SCINTILLA
Dandy dropping Ecstasy is a failure DUD
Don’t sack old city: keep it under your boot perhaps spare tyre
Dry chapter trimmed all round PARCHED
Function in series RUN
In election meeting Conservative on look out for Liberal to interrupt CONCLAVE
In team playing left half, powerful winger CASTLE
In the front beautiful arrangement in flowerbed BORDER
It’s inhuman to black men needing a lift ROBOT
Left individual with a few in solitary LONESOME
Mysterious object Alice might have seen in the Duchess’s kitchen? flying saucer
Old poet all bones, lacking later energy SKELTON
Omen to take railway not street in holiday month AUGURY
One’s not expected America to back British pronunciation to increase SURPRISE
Spare new driver always having to cover paper round left over
Steal in? half-inch
Successor to Leo VI right to abdicate VIRGO
The story, in short: depressed, being fat TALLOW
Times covers revolutionary Iran in a sort of code BINARY
Tramps on front of porch, one attracted by our neighbour PHOBOS
Useless people on this stage? dead wood
Wounded with gun, strain to get inside STRICKEN
WW1 soldier at end of leave gets this order wrong back to front


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