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The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2405 May 29 2023 Crossword

The Times – Cryptic – Times Quick Cryptic No 2405
Clues Answers
Change position in pub, finding horizontal beam CROSSBAR
Composer contributing to popular newsletter ARNE
Conservative leader too old for media exposure COVERAGE
Eg Hannah’s daughter after friend in Italian city PALINDROME
Fading Welshman with money touring East EVANESCENT
Food for a friar TUCK
Galloping Etruscan “horsemen” CENTAURS
Give up fish for doughy pudding DUMPLING
Group of peacekeepers perhaps, and what they may do after flight? UNPACK
I disclaim concealing songbird’s individuality IDENTITY
Irritable about party mostly — it’s a mockery TRAVESTY
Keenness more difficult for a Cockney, we hear? ARDOUR
Leak found by wise man swallowing tablet SPILLAGE
Maintain stronghold KEEP
One bound to succeed’s reported bearing HEIR
One overwhelmed by graduate’s prejudice BIAS
Part-song giving rise to impish enjoyment GLEE
Position of sculptures Epstein initially turned out STATUS
Price hotel fixed for air transport HELICOPTER
Restrain journalists overcome by drink? SUPPRESS
Scotsman possibly crossing river in Asian republic IRAN
Unfathomable — not like A Midsummer Night’s Dream BOTTOMLESS
Vegetable found in vessel in dump TURNIP
Young creature Mike brought into research-room LAMB


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