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New York Times Answers March 16, 2024

Author: Carly Schuna
Editor: Joel Fagliano

Word of elaboration ALSO
Fluffy toy, familiarly POM
Stroll AMBLE
Convincing scam video DEEPFAKE
Without a compass, say AMORAL
Sink feature DISPOSAL
“To Kill a Mockingbird” theme RACISM
Go for it, slangily SHOOTYOURSHOT
Ren Faire rides STEEDS
Alveoli, e.g. SACS
One of the five stages of grief ANGER
Small bit of mint? DIME
First name in children’s literature SHEL
Metalworker’s union SOLDER
“National Treasure” star CAGE
Power-saving mode ECO
Big inits. in camping KOA
Clinch, with “up” SEW
Settle PAY
Sweetie BOO
Break off END
City known as “The Soul of the Southwest” TAOS
Prove false DEBUNK
Sprays, say WETS
Fantasy trilogy, familiarly LOTR
Takes care of TENDS
Flag carrier of Panama COPA
Took the lead? ERASED
Animal shelter slogan ADOPTDONTSHOP
Clotting agent PLATELET
Name on a counter GEIGER
It owes its kick to capsaicin HOTSAUCE
Daisylike flower ASTER
Farm mother EWE
Booster, e.g. DOSE
Elaborate ADD
Accessories that sound like a snack brand LEIS
Meeting, casually SESH
Like naysayers OPPOSED
Wallop PASTE
Let through OKAYED
Euphonious MELODIC
Collect AMASS
Drinks sometimes topped with whipped cream MOCHAS
Artisanal hamburger option BRIOCHEBUN
The “wire,” so to speak LASTSECOND
Furniture wood ELM
Dog park? FOOTREST
Talk Like a Pirate Day greeting ARR
Geography classroom staple USMAP
Word that, when searched, causes Google to display all results at an angle ASKEW
“Let me play the world’s smallest violin for you” NOONECARES
“My pleasure” GLADTODOIT
“Yikes!” EGAD
“___ good!” LOOKS
Very, informally REAL
Occasions to read letters EYETESTS
Wined and dined WOOED
First part of an ancient Greek ode STROPHE
#iwokeuplikethis style BEDHEAD
Quick learner SPONGE
Was in need of more RANLOW
More fitting APTER
Chihuahua, e.g. STATE
___ Books, sci-fi/fantasy imprint TOR
Ijeoma ___, author of 2020’s “Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America” OLUO
Bench press muscles, familiarly PECS
Org. featured in the documentary series “Full Swing” PGA
Entrance or exit of Target? TEE


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