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Daily Quick Crossword November 18 2022 Answers

Best Daily Quick Crossword November 18 2022 Answers:

Detective 6 letters SLEUTH
Stinging plant 6 letters NETTLE
Evade 5 letters ELUDE
Infantile 7 letters BABYISH
Madman 7 letters LUNATIC
Souvenir 5 letters RELIC
Percussion instrument with wooden bars 9 letters XYLOPHONE
Foolish person 5 letters IDIOT
Mislead 7 letters DECEIVE
Fruity biscuit 7 letters FIGROLL
Watchful 5 letters ALERT
Part of the eye 6 letters RETINA
Court entertainer 6 letters JESTER
Decorous 6 letters SEEMLY
When the sun crosses the equator 7 letters EQUINOX
Larceny 5 letters THEFT
Trading ban 7 letters EMBARGO
Spin round 5 letters TWIRL
Code of behaviour 6 letters ETHICS
Retract or modify a previous opinion 9 letters BACKPEDAL
Disappointed 7 letters LETDOWN
Obvious 7 letters EVIDENT
Disagree 6 letters DIFFER
The drink of the gods 6 letters NECTAR
Bullion bar 5 letters INGOT
Fad 5 letters CRAZE

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