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Daily Cryptic Crossword November 18 2022 Answers

Best Daily Cryptic Crossword November 18 2022 Answers:

Posers start leading in fashions 6 letters MODELS
A stubborn person takes time to display charm 6 letters AMULET
A garden shrub Cilla ordered 5 letters LILAC
One taking stock of another 7 letters RUSTLER
Idle act destroyed fortress 7 letters CITADEL
A principal in front 5 letters AHEAD
Old bus set out? Certainly! 9 letters DOUBTLESS
Fish for old invader 5 letters ANGLE
Perhaps I reveal a girl’s name 7 letters VALERIE
Landlords delivered by postman? 7 letters LETTERS
McCartney band is successful without guitar lead 5 letters WINGS
Desperate man has twisted his tongue 6 letters DANISH
Devil crossing river to see a pal 6 letters FRIEND
Ill-will shown by mother to parasites 6 letters MALICE
Did grasp instrument with less concentration! 7 letters DILUTED
Unfinished cryptic clue I’d make clear 5 letters LUCID
It makes error! 7 letters MISTAKE
French city badly walled by the French 5 letters LILLE
A long angry speech – read it out 6 letters TIRADE
Awfully versatile members of the family 9 letters RELATIVES
To reduce consumption is no good 7 letters USELESS
Curious saint having to wander 7 letters STRANGE
Imprisoned wrongly in old age 6 letters GAOLED
Let lad see round 6 letters LEASED
Board is to make progress 5 letters GETON
Inferior cow? 5 letters LOWER

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