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Free Themed Crossword November 18 2022 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword November 18 2022 Answers:

___ de guerre 3 letters NOM
Brooklyn Nets point guard Dragic 5 letters GORAN
Raise the roof 4 letters YELL
Barrett of gossip 4 letters RONA
Poem of lament 5 letters ELEGY
Olympics blade 4 letters EPEE
Description of a 66 across person 10 letters BUTTONEDUP
Hindu god of destruction 4 letters SIVA
Attack as across a boundary 6 letters INVADE
Clowns sometimes put them on 8 letters SADFACES
Sharp picture producer briefly 4 letters HDTV
Get-go 5 letters ONSET
Half of a 60’s quartet which included Cass Elliot 5 letters PAPAS
Radio spectrum that ranges from 535 to 1705 KHz 6 letters AMBAND
Tennis serving whiz 4 letters ACER
They end up on a babies bib 6 letters DROOLS
Sports ___ 3 letters BRA
Description of a 66 across person 15 letters SHRINKINGVIOLET
Vietnamese New Year 3 letters TET
In the future 6 letters ONEDAY
Serene 4 letters CALM
Washington Football Team owner Dan 6 letters SNYDER
Cultural values 5 letters ETHOS
Positive thinking exponent 5 letters PEALE
Cheerio! 4 letters TATA
Possible answer to Is that you? 8 letters YESITSME
Corrupt political fund-raiser 6 letters BAGMEN
Diploma holder 4 letters GRAD
Description of a 66 across person 10 letters WALLFLOWER
Ore store 4 letters MINE
Flummoxed 5 letters ATSEA
Peter Pan pooch 4 letters NANA
Orbital period 4 letters YEAR
Defunct Dawson’s Creek network 5 letters THEWB
Personality type described in16 37 and 59 across 3 letters SHY
It may be proper 4 letters NOUN
Being broadcast 4 letters ONTV
Big name in WWI spydom 8 letters MATAHARI
French playwright Jean 5 letters GENET
Grand ___ Opry 3 letters OLE
Cincinnati team 4 letters REDS
The rain in Spain 4 letters AGUA
Big Apple cops’ org. 4 letters NYPD
Rule for building on others’ ideas in improv 6 letters YESAND
Heroic tales 5 letters EPICS
Protective embankment 5 letters LEVEE
Bare minimum 5 letters LEAST
Baseball card stat. 3 letters RBI
6 to 5 and pick it e.g. 4 letters ODDS
Despacito singer Luis 5 letters FONSI
Heterogeneous 6 letters VARIED
Bygone 4 letters PAST
Reason to take an aspirin 4 letters ACHE
Saucy and sassy 4 letters PERT
Paris newspaper with Le 5 letters MONDE
He toasted Bergman: Here’s looking at you kid 6 letters BOGART
Woody’s role in Annie Hall 4 letters ALVY
Maker of Be Delicious perfume 4 letters DKNY
Ho-hum 4 letters BLAH
Move in Realtor-ese 4 letters RELO
Bill producers 4 letters ATMS
How A daring young man on the flying trapeze performed 5 letters NONET
Stop signs.e.g. 8 letters OCTAGONS
Mini burger 6 letters SLIDER
List-ending abbr. 4 letters ETAL
Small variety of hippo or goat 5 letters PYGMY
Unsettling 5 letters EERIE
Downward Facing Dog e.g. 5 letters ASANA
Popular British sitcom for short 5 letters ABFAB
Sultan of___ (Babe Ruth) 4 letters SWAT
Algebra or trig 4 letters MATH
Last word of an ultimatum often 4 letters ELSE
[Air kiss] 4 letters MWAH
Wee 4 letters EENY
Gun grp. 3 letters NRA
Wallace or Ayres 3 letters LEW

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