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Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 14 2022 Answers

Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 14 2022 Answers:

Stagger round the capital of Poland and drive back 5 letters REPEL
Method of manufacture puts the company back in the newspapers 7 letters PROCESS
Celebrated reason for being unable to visit the restaurant! 7 letters NOTABLE
Lay bare a street reprobate 5 letters STRIP
They hope to be elected to different seat after being outspoken 10 letters CANDIDATES
Blade trimmers 10 letters
In the myths a tyrannical sylvan deity 5 letters SATYR
Transport the complete works 7 letters OMNIBUS
Master copy rearranged for clients 7 letters STENCIL
Class distinction is rejected we hear 5 letters CASTE
Elephantine trumpetings? (55) 10 letters TRUNKCALLS
Rash doesn’t keep on coming back 5 letters SPOTS
The Black Card – a society location 4 letters CLUB
Extend a banquet 6 letters SPREAD
Think son is fuddled in strong drink 8 letters CONSIDER
They’re non-existent when given away 7 letters SECRETS
An expert history teacher? (46) 10 letters PASTMASTER
Speed competition involving weapons (44) 8 letters ARMSRACE
Enveloped with what’s revised by the editor 7 letters SWATHED
Completely saintly by the sound of it 6 letters WHOLLY
Lower what the building stands on 5 letters ABASE
Finely judged piece of histrionic exposition 4 letters NICE


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