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L.A. Times Daily – Mar 27 2023 Crossword

“Love, Victor” actress OrtizANA
“That’s a pretty low __”BAR
“The Godfather” right-hand manCONSIGLIERE
“Thunderstruck” rock bandACDC
“When will u b here?”ETA
“Who __ to judge?”AMI
Abbr. before a synopsisTLDR
Angled cutBEVEL
Area before surgery, brieflyPREOP
Asparagus unitsSPEARS
Bestowed, as a grantAWARDED
Blow a gasketERUPT
Calm part of a hurricaneEYE
Ceremonial eventRITE
Charlottesville schUVA
Cheek colorersROUGES
Citrus drink suffixADE
Cold-weather coatANORAK
Common time for homework, and where to find the starts of 17-, 26-, 37-, and 49-AcrossAFTERSCHOOL
Consume, as foodINGEST
Country music’s __ Brown BandZAC
Delivery room helperDOULA
Descends, as a rock wallRAPPELS
Female sheepEWE
Flow backEBB
French “yes”OUI
From stem to __STERN
Genetic materialDNA
Guardian angel, e.gSPIRITGUIDE
Hit with a laserZAP
In the middle ofAMONG
Inform againstRATON
Installation objectART
La Brea __ PitsTAR
Landed hardTHUDDED
Like many multivitaminsONEADAY
Love, in ItalianAMORE
Make preciousENDEAR
Mount where Noah landedARARAT
Muslim scholarIMAM
Nashville’s Grand __ OpryOLE
Not as muchLESSSO
Old Delta rivalPANAM
One playing hookyTRUANT
Pants, slangilyTROU
Passenger transportVAN
Pay increaseRAISE
Persian faith that promotes spiritual unityBAHAI
Plant family that includes tomatoes and eggplantNIGHTSHADE
Pocketed, as a pool ballSUNK
Punk icon SmithPATTI
Recurring role for Chris HemsworthTHOR
Roadside lodgingINN
Salad vegetable that may be red, yellow, or greenBELLPEPPER
Scissors soundsSNIPS
Sign of irritationREDNESS
Span of timeERA
Studio whose films begin with a roaring lionMGM
Swimming trunks worn by some surfersBOARDSHORTS
Tediously familiarBANAL
Telephone-on-the-web techVOIP
Text alert optionVIBRATE
Word with due or trueNORTH
Works hard forEARNS
__ on the side of cautionERRS
__ SpeedwagonREO
__ Vegas AcesLAS


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