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The Evening Standards Easy Crossword January 17 2023 Answers

The Evening Standards Easy Crossword January 17 2023 Answers:

Preserve after death 6 letters EMBALM
Anxious 8 letters INSECURE
Striplings 4 letters LADS
Shore bird 6 letters AVOCET
Spud 6 letters POTATO
Female pronoun 3 letters SHE
Manservant 5 letters VALET
Satisfy fully 4 letters SATE
Provide food 5 letters CATER
Having a pleasant taste 5 letters SAPID
Holy book 5 letters KORAN
Ultimate 4 letters LAST
Allege 5 letters CLAIM
Conflict 3 letters WAR
Hire charge 6 letters RENTAL
Infectious disease 6 letters RABIES
Second-hand 4 letters USED
Malefactor 8 letters CRIMINAL
Guarantee 6 letters ENSURE
Matches 6 letters EQUALS
Army helicopter 6 letters APACHE
Thin fog 4 letters MIST
Dear 7 letters BELOVED
Wall painting 5 letters MURAL
Warehouse 5 letters DEPOT
Missing 4 letters LOST
Scottish river 3 letters DEE
Pitch 3 letters TAR
Short-term workers 5 letters TEMPS
Spanish snacks 5 letters TAPAS
Nimble 5 letters AGILE
Vehicle 3 letters CAR
Metallic element 3 letters TIN
African country 7 letters SOMALIA
Equipment 3 letters KIT
Tags 6 letters LABELS
Parched 4 letters ARID
Paper handkerchief 6 letters TISSUE
Fissure 5 letters CRACK
Blacksmith’s block 5 letters ANVIL
Used to be 3 letters WAS
Govern 4 letters RULE


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