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Free Themed Crossword January 18 2023 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword January 18 2023 Answers:

Hot stuff sauce or dance 5 letters SALSA
Cry one’s eyes out 4 letters WEEP
Luau dish 3 letters POI
Valuable violin 5 letters AMATI
Take ___ leave it 4 letters ITOR
Hourglass contents 4 letters SAND
Military leader with a Chinese dish named for him 10 letters GENERALTSO
Heir’s concern 4 letters WILL
Conclusion 3 letters END
___ one’s time (be patient) 4 letters BIDE
Colorful shirt design 6 letters TIEDYE
Grow dim 4 letters FADE
Nickelodeon’s ___ the Explorer 4 letters DORA
Destruction 6 letters DAMAGE
Cheek; insolence 8 letters BACKTALK
Face-to-face exams 5 letters ORALS
Crosby Stills and Nash e.g. 4 letters TRIO
___ gin fizz 4 letters SLOE
Mila 18 author 4 letters URIS
Decorative trimming 5 letters FRILL
Circle dance 4 letters HORA
Of sound mind 4 letters SANE
Tramp’s beloved 4 letters LADY
French Impressionist 5 letters MONET
Visor 8 letters EYESHADE
Turns red perhaps 6 letters RIPENS
Color quality 4 letters TONE
The ___ Must Be Crazy 4 letters GODS
Nearby 6 letters ATHAND
Lampblack 4 letters SOOT
Guy’s date 3 letters GAL
Yogi in the cartoons 4 letters BEAR
Field of science dealing with the title creatures which are circled in this puzzle 10 letters ENTOMOLOGY
Stiff drink 4 letters BELT
Part of ROM 4 letters READ
Big name in grills 5 letters WEBER
Pantry pest 3 letters ANT
PlayStation maker 4 letters SONY
Go placidly amid the ___ and haste 5 letters NOISE
Fragrant herb 4 letters SAGE
Final word 4 letters AMEN
Touch down 4 letters LAND
Sault ___ Marie 3 letters STE
Automobile safety features 7 letters AIRBAGS
The Picture of Dorian Gray writer 5 letters WILDE
Suffix with cigar or major 4 letters ETTE
Aurora’s counterpart 3 letters EOS
Official procedure 8 letters PROTOCOL
Stamp on an invoice 4 letters PAID
I’m ___ Sleeping : Beatles. 4 letters ONLY
Doing nothing 4 letters IDLE
Workplaces with low pay unhealthy conditions and long hours 10 letters SWEATSHOPS
White House staffer 4 letters AIDE
Grate on 3 letters IRK
Sprinter’s miscue 10 letters FALSESTART
Regular newspaper 5 letters DAILY
Drench 5 letters DOUSE
Orderly grouping 5 letters ARRAY
Down East 5 letters MAINE
Honeymooner 5 letters BRIDE
Single-handedly 5 letters ALONE
Sophia of Two Women 5 letters LOREN
Endymion poet 5 letters KEATS
Business 5 letters TRADE
Moll ___ Defoe novel 8 letters FLANDERS
Neighborhood that is home to Times Square and MOMA 7 letters MIDTOWN
Sweetie 3 letters HON
Hotel unit 4 letters ROOM
Treat 5 letters GOODY
Dancing Queen group 4 letters ABBA
High schooler 4 letters TEEN
Come to a standstill 4 letters HALT
Jazzman Getz 4 letters STAN
Mongolian expanse 4 letters GOBI
Long long time 4 letters AGES
Stringed instrument 4 letters LYRE
The Matrix hero 3 letters NEO
Seinfeld uncle 3 letters LEO


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