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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 3,083 – Jun 22 2023 Crossword

… Leviathan thereby rightedOGRE
Bound to attend theatre’s premieres, accepted eagerlyLEAPTAT
Changing sides — what they did in HamelinRATTING
Clear it’s not in the basket?UNHAMPERED
Copper’s come from Paris with sonVENUS
Couple joined up under Eye, it’s saidITEM
Devious types go off, mostly westwardEELS
Drop by around lunchtime at the earliest for materialPOPLIN
Ensemble takes on posh place — one of fiveQUINTUPLET
Fantastic writer inspired by academic I disregardedSTUPENDOUS
Feminist briefly welcome at Capital Radio?GREER
Gallic priest’s remedy?CURE
In completion, much is coming up about significant letterTOCAPITALL
Is this the point of Dynasty?TANG
Join with good heart in duet about Love’s BeginningGLUE
Leach nitre used to make solventINTHECLEAR
Looking back, St Omer seen hazily intervening in distanceREMOTENESS
Miscalculation caused by tearaway taking time outERROR
Rescued broken rakeSEDUCER
Roguish prelate dismissing manARCH
Sixties pop sounds beset my ear deplorablyMERSEYBEAT
Sky boss’s remarkable supermajority sees Roy and Sam sadly losing outJUPITER
Slyboots locked up after sermonSERPENT
Spoils of war — his business?MARS
Spurge can be found regularly in Emley Rock Quarry, without questionMERCURY
Study only edition that’s revised once moreREADJUSTED
Tide not advanced, regulate power of the sea …NEPTUNE
Time Lord’s means of rapid rise?SATURN
Top dog and cat extremely unwellMOGUL
Universal screened American IdolURANUS
Wise, perhaps, when engaged in virtual reality, being capable of adjustmentVERNIER
World to which Zoopla network contributes all its needsPLANET


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