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The Times Cryptic Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

The Times Cryptic Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

Meet Carol disorganised person who keeps you waiting? 9 letters LATECOMER
Baddy leading soldiers in military unit 5 letters CADRE
A French fellow outside university one to ease irritation? 7 letters UNGUENT
Loud street outside zone in distant territory 7 letters FAREAST
Old coin article blocking pipe? 5 letters DUCAT
Husband and I eat meat — fantastic source of iron 9 letters HAEMATITE
Training establishment with shaky foundation damaged — start to search inside 9 letters SANDHURST
Fever that’s non-specific having five going down 4 letters AGUE
Some land bill: concerning! 4 letters ACRE
Cruel needing time to replace one that’s trustworthy 9 letters VERACIOUS
One investigating trendy male a poet 9 letters DICKINSON
Object when odd journalist comes round 5 letters DEMUR
Missile I had cast into river 7 letters TRIDENT
The man’s accompanying Welsh woman? That’s the stuff! 7 letters HESSIAN
Most unlike Henry VIII — king cross bumping off queen 5 letters RANGY
Decoration in a part of play with mother taking the lead 9 letters DAMASCENE
Miraculous place of old sure to have changed 7 letters LOURDES
Long garment lacking a measure of thermal protection 3 letters TOG
Beasts: rule-breakers we hear? 8 letters CHEETAHS
Agree a fixture 5 letters MATCH
Football official reader found in the Mirror? 9 letters REFLECTOR
Food is one thing after another reportedly 6 letters CEREAL
Minor war god made to look silly in an entertaining place 11 letters
Maiden hiding in Exeter out in a faraway place 7 letters EXTREME
Don’t for instance study adhesive friction 11 letters CONTRACTION
Divers manoeuvring round place being looked at again 9 letters REVISITED
A police group is receiving huge complaint 8 letters ACIDOSIS
Accountant in car somewhere on Dartmoor? 7 letters AUDITOR
Odd stone — how far it might be thrown? 7 letters STRANGE
Splendour of industrial plant about to be demolished 6 letters FINERY
Prophet raised an awful stink 5 letters NAHUM
Diamonds — really cool stuff 3 letters ICE

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