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The Times Cryptic Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

The Times Cryptic Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

Songbird which circles Scottish island 8 letters WHINCHAT
East End success for setter say? 6 letters BOWWOW
Design of house in Dorset our failing 9 letters TUDORROSE
Daughter to fall and bleed 5 letters DRAIN
Passing through Amritsar an Indian queen 4 letters RANI
Receiver has thrown kit into a river 9 letters ADDRESSEE
Sailor with coat first man to reach surface 10 letters TARMACADAM
Piece of hose hit hard 4 letters SOCK
Vehicle not quite reaching moon 4 letters MOPE
Gas applied to metal in kitchen device 10 letters WAFFLEIRON
Characteristic trait shaped Scottish island 9 letters ATTRIBUTE
Love hurting after rejection 4 letters EROS
Trustworthy type — one’s been fired? 5 letters BRICK
Very much without humour 9 letters SERIOUSLY
Old lady and man in assembly 6 letters MAKING
Couple of body parts in horse? 8 letters CHESTNUT
Possessing hearts card laid on top 4 letters WITH
Incredible ascent performed having taken wrong direction in park 15 letters
Highly important songbird 8 letters CARDINAL
Greeting triumphant expression while keeping watch 5 letters ALOHA
Many dogs missing summit 6 letters OODLES
With a notorious spy novel it’s been overlooked in local enquiry? 15 letters
Rare issue put wife at bottom of class 10 letters WUNDERKIND
Show not taking a minute for star 8 letters REDDWARF
Collector’s item in US city filling empty satchel on seat 10 letters STAMPALBUM
USA’s real upset with Moscow’s fashion? 8 letters ALARUSSE
Kind of info 24 got about university 8 letters GENEROUS
Winger is wearing coat 6 letters SISKIN
Ground corn is offloaded from this 5 letters EARTH
Pouch completely empty by the way 4 letters CYST

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