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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28447 November 14 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28447
Clues Answers
Affected US soldier returning in a northern military action CAMPAIGN
Bill amount demanded, getting positive response ACCLAIM
Bird no longer found in second area MOA
Bring in expert, securing new eminence IMPORTANCE
Cheap travel mostly expensive — great anger STEERAGE
Cunning, intervening in any disorder ANARCHY
Current about to employ charge ACCUSE
Dance beat with energy TANGO
Dessert restaurant served up TART
Dull whisky (litre declined) MAT
Harpist etc or various players here orchestra pit
Legal document to burn and burn, entrenching women’s tirade search warrant
Main demo swirled around hospital, directed at individual ad hominem
Mars? Admit flying to Mars is to be a success go down a storm
Not heading into restricted hospital areas? OUTWARDS
Performed badly: opening for winning punch missed HAMMY
Recalled vermin being kept in small enclosure, for example SPECIMEN
Sail with mostly crude map at sea? This regatta’s had its day admirals cup
Section in repetitive music engaging hearts TRANCHE
Some European runs to cradle head of collapsed ballerina DANCER
Speed of elderly plane, not the maximum! RATE
Strange commander leading line into trench OCCULT
Tolerate noble punishment, relinquishing power COUNTENANCE
Totally vacant check on computer using keyboard TYPING
Validate feeling angry over American payment? CROSSCHECK
Who may be retrying a tale requiring different placement? literary agent
Worker is in regional garb (but not cap) ARTISAN
Writer’s retainer, heading off, enthralled by these in Calais CERVANTES


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