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L.A. Times Daily – Jan 19 2023 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“GoodFellas” Oscar winner PESCI
“Hellboy” actor Perlman RON
“It’s for you,” on an env ATTN
“Less” Pulitzer winner Andrew __ Greer SEAN
“Love Me Like You Do” Grammy nominee Goulding ELLIE
“Smooth Operator” singer SADE
“Wrong!” NOTSO
35-Down company founded in Milwaukee in 1844 PABST
Actor Morales ESAI
Actress Davis played by Susan Sarandon in TV’s “Feud” BETTE
Ad writer’s award CLIO
Alloy containing carbon STEEL
Antlered deer STAG
Bagged leaves? TEA
Barrel of laughs RIOT
Body wash ingredient ALOE
Brewpub brews ALES
Burial isle of many Scottish kings IONA
Clicking devices MICE
Collapsible shelter TENT
Comfort Revolution bra-maker BALI
Compete on “The Voice” SING
Crime novelist Gerritsen TESS
Dec. 31 NYE
Desire YEN
Digging tool SPADE
Disinfectant brand LYSOL
Doesn’t just assume ASKS
Exercise target CORE
Eyeglass frames RIMS
Former pitcher Hershiser OREL
Game keeper? ARCADE
Gift with an aloha LEI
Gradually become familiar with EASEINTO
Gullible sort NAIF
Has some pull? ATTRACTS
Hazmat monitor OSHA
Heady stuff? BEER
Heist obstacle ALARM
Humiliate ABASE
Large garden planters URNS
Little rug MAT
Lt.’s underling SGT
Makes the first bet OPENS
Matter of debate ISSUE
Missing AWOL
Mount of Greek legend OSSA
Movie parts SCENES
Paul in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame LES
Poet Dove and actress Moreno RITAS
Quote CITE
Reduces LOWERS
Reduces slowly ERODES
Retro photo hue SEPIA
Schedule abbr ETA
Shrimp dish SCAMPI
Skin art, for short TAT
Slow-moving boats ARKS
Smartphone download APP
Some slouchy boots UGGS
Spa amenity SAUNA
St. Louis team BLUES
Start to mature? PRE
Supermarket section DELI
Sven’s transport in “Frozen” SLED
The Panthers of the ACC PITT
Titan with a heavy load ATLAS
Tolkien terror ORC
Unit of corn EAR
VIP with a corner office, perhaps CEO
World’s largest cosmetics company LOREAL
Ziploc feature SEAL


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