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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 8 2022 Answers

The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 8 2022 Answers:

Perhaps tomorrow Rufus sets cryptic (Saturdays excepted) 6 letters FUTURE
Shakespearean character’s not large drunk male 6 letters BOTTOM
King’s vehicle reversing in the other direction 4 letters BACK
Nato abandoning borders one time with difficulty 10 letters ATASTRETCH
Good looking American robber 6 letters BONNIE
Scientist one mistakenly called a monster not honest about ego 8 letters EINSTEIN
Fruit stolen for ammunition 9 letters GRAPESHOT
Magazine to investigate many European leaders 4 letters TIME
Books about sport going over circuit 4 letters TOUR
Healthy wife cooks sole in residence 9 letters WHOLESOME
Embodying the ultimate in style an older model car 8 letters DELOREAN
Fancy Borgian clothing enhanced human 6 letters CYBORG
It gets a raise if it does its job well 10 letters BAKINGSODA
Stone axes have zero rebound 4 letters ONYX
Maiden title included in new deal 6 letters DAMSEL
Following retirement group takes over pub game 6 letters TENNIS
Relish 4 ÷ (50 + 1 + 5) 7 letters FLAVOUR
Number 10 receiving fine of no real value 5 letters TOKEN
Bookworms are tipsy serving up wine and a little Scotch 7 letters READERS
University objects when husband and son leave for trip 6 letters OUTING
Emotional behaviour of cast with their acting 9 letters THEATRICS
I break speed of sound after ditching ordinary engine 7 letters MACHINE
Be naked and free 13 letters
Excite uranium in lump to make this 9 letters PLUTONIUM
Hydrate corrupt London police here? 7 letters THEYARD
Provide milk for lost cat recently found outside 7 letters LACTATE
They suffer writing penned by smartypants? 7 letters MARTYRS
Foreign article on Tory peer doing away with hard competition 6 letters LEAGUE
British bank close to German ex-chancellor 5 letters BROWN


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