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The Guardian Quick Crossword November 15 2022 Answers

The Guardian Quick Crossword November 15 2022 Answers:

All together 9 letters EVERYBODY
Concept whose truth can be proved 4 letters FACT
Exposed to wild blows 9 letters WINDSWEPT
Frank 4 letters OPEN
Narrow gorge with a fast running stream 5 letters GULCH
Bit sliced away from a large piece 6 letters OFFCUT
Tie 6 letters TETHER
It gives purpose and direction 6 letters MOTIVE
Spirits 6 letters LIQUOR
Fasten 5 letters AFFIX
Welsh vegetable? 4 letters LEEK
Become very very excited 9 letters GOBANANAS
Horse (of a certain colour) 4 letters GREY
Game for gamblers — duke’s port (anag) 9 letters STUDPOKER
Yashmak for example 4 letters VEIL
One should avoid being taken for one 4 letters RIDE
Retire 6 letters BOWOUT
Show 6 letters DEPICT
Cheap drinks time! 9 letters HAPPYHOUR
Travel plan 9 letters ITINERARY
Science of the structure of the universe 9 letters COSMOLOGY
Not tailor-made 9 letters OFFTHEPEG
Tropical fruit with yellow skin and pink flesh 5 letters GUAVA
Curve that spirals around a cone for example 5 letters HELIX
Elbow grease 6 letters EFFORT
Man who lounges in hotels and bars looking for women to support him 6 letters LIZARD
Military alliance with headquarters in Belgium 4 letters NATO
Corporal punishment? 4 letters CANE


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