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The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 15 2022 Answers

The Guardian Cryptic Crossword November 15 2022 Answers:

Laureate’s wiles manipulated with delicacy 13 letters
Suggest taking off front wagon that could be so split 7 letters INTWAIN
Help a councillor get returned by a rural area 7 letters ARCADIA
Organised data for board 5 letters TABLE
Fight some paper disposal scheme 9 letters SCRAPPAGE
Squeezed wife and spoke 5 letters WRUNG
Complains at length when volume’s zero 9 letters SOUNDSOFF
Popular English composer has died? I’m flabbergasted 9 letters INEVERDID
Mass behind small hill in bad weather 5 letters STORM
Tricky in the extreme? Shorten it drastically 9 letters THORNIEST
Expand length and sound menacing 5 letters GROWL
Note pocketed by sweet little thing needing no deciphering 7 letters ENCLAIR
Saint tortured about a month sustained energy 7 letters STAMINA
Getting rid of car in industrial park 13 letters
Almost speak up wretch: you a traitor too? 9 letters ETTUBRUTE
Wild creature that is about 5 letters IRATE
Having drunk last of gin passes on eats 5 letters DINES
All the work of Dickens never a week off 9 letters YEARROUND
Daring moves — key a spade finesse 9 letters ESCAPADES
Country I may represent 5 letters INDIA
With wrongly set kilts I show organ 13 letters
Maybe granny often seen with foot above head among friends 13 letters
Could this identity document reverse a dismissal? 9 letters GREENCARD
Native American’s needs grew after development 9 letters SEDGEWREN
Medical man I wish to report first 9 letters OTOLOGIST
Unblemished award? 5 letters OSCAR
Discrimination not as terrible if limited 5 letters TASTE
Two soldiers are enormous 5 letters GIANT


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