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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword November 25 2022 Answers:

Curry gets cold very cold 6 letters BALTIC
Abandon attempt after warning cry 6 letters FOREGO
Drop liquid on middle of massive dish 8 letters SPLATTER
Flooring somewhat useful in outhouses 4 letters LINO
Adolescent requiring support with last bit of revision 4 letters TEEN
Tenner stupidly invested in IT and computer network 8 letters INTERNET
A dreadful barber’s not in agreement 6 letters ATODDS
When transgression overwhelms key delegate 6 letters ASSIGN
Heaven is going into lots of shops 8 letters PARADISE
Energy contained in the majority of rich food 4 letters FUEL
Father beginning to seethe with anger 4 letters SIRE
Strong lithe cat jumping about 8 letters ATHLETIC
Courage shown by copper perhaps according to report 6 letters METTLE
Vegetable dish with occasional chunks of ham too 6 letters POTATO
A very soft extremely large type of fruit 5 letters APPLE
Worked out tons then showered 7 letters TRAINED
Piece of lettuce put over piece of meat? 3 letters CUT
Excellent tart cooked with fries 9 letters FIRSTRATE
One who regrets taking in Liberal leader 5 letters RULER
Medicinal root in spirits (English) 7 letters GINSENG
Start eating it’s falling apart! 9 letters INSTIGATE
Odd characters from the day trip meet when drinks are served 7 letters TEATIME
Least hard questions at the end of exam 7 letters SOFTEST
Accomplished head of admin department 5 letters ADEPT
Be dangerous ultimately blocking the way out 5 letters EXIST
Trendy hotel — one with parking 3 letters HIP

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