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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword November 7 2022 Answers

The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword November 7 2022 Answers:

Rhode Island group’s award 6 letters RIBAND
Monotony of new diet uniform beginning and end 6 letters TEDIUM
Route’s distinctive quality entertaining Poles 7 letters TRANSIT
Inspection as unusual deficit is tackled at first 5 letters AUDIT
Notebook Jack’s lost depicting furry swimmer 5 letters OTTER
Idle chatter from friend a part of speech cut short 7 letters PALAVER
Home Counties criminal seen by Cornwall river? That’s not true 9 letters FALSEHOOD
Wash three articles from abroad 7 letters LAUNDER
Turf lotteries recalled 5 letters SWARD
For example demand for payment on return? Gentle reminder 5 letters NUDGE
Time with our first journeyman? 7 letters TOURIST
Complicated situation — ultimately reluctant to reach point of view 6 letters TANGLE
One advising blokes to rest initially 6 letters MENTOR
Informer one on fixed allowance 6 letters RATION
Newly feed a stubborn animal used for work 13 letters
Opening section of piano’s trill 7 letters NOSTRIL
Seems a girl regularly used communication system 5 letters EMAIL
He’s no team player! Aunt is livid I’d fouled up 13 letters INDIVIDUALIST
Due for payment mother? True unfortunately 6 letters MATURE
Toper’s second return always half-ignored and not to be mentioned 9 letters TOPSECRET
Old Boy’s remedy far from clear 7 letters OBSCURE
A world of energy in factory? 6 letters PLANET
Media boss offering some carrot I decide after reflection 6 letters EDITOR
Live comfortably supporting daughter 5 letters DWELL


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