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Crossword Champ Pro November 7 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 7 2022 Answers:

Wool weight units TODS
They get picked up at bars TABS
Step ___! ONIT
Rhodes group DODECANESE
Former NY Jets running back SNELL
Stairway component STEP
___ Lanka SRI
Story that might be tall TALE
Serengeti grazer ELAND
Sewer’s aid PATTERN
It holds back the water in Holland DIKE
Catastrophic DIRE
Some intestinal divisions ILEA
Superman’s alter ego KENT
Fr seasons ETES
In the near future ANON
Nonsensical chorus TRALA
Girl’s present sometimes TEASET
Why should ___ you? ILET
Linger awhile BIDE
City on the Gulf of Aqaba EILAT
Outbreak Russo of RENE
Dallas Stanwyck flick ____ STELLA
Computer-connecting system for short LAN
Petitions ENTREATS
Indian side dish RAITA
British baby buggies PRAMS
Manila envelope feature CLASP
Small snake ASP
Coastal town in southern England POOLE
Bovine trademark ELSIE
Sizzling IRATE
____ decorator INTERIOR
Machu Picchu dweller INCA
Poetic contraction NEER
Cultivate like land TILL
Cockney’s greeting ELLO
Chinese staple RICE
Only World Series perfect game pitcher LARSEN
Form of ether ENOL
Banana split topping NUTS
Astronaut ____ Armstrong NEIL
France’s longest river LOIRE
___ d’agneau (lamb dish) RIS
Indigenous inhabitants of Hokkaido AINU
Soft ___ Tainted Love CELL
National hero of Spain ELCID
Horse’s easy gait TROT
Folksinger Guthrie ARLO
Poor grades DEES
They get into sushi EELS
Law enforcement agency DEA
____ loss for words (2 wds) ATA
Fastidious to a fault ANAL
Religious scroll TORAH
Stepson of Claudius NERO
Director Welles ORSON
Animal docs VETS
1953 Barbara Stanwyck Richard Carlson movie ALLIDESIRE
Grassy plain of the Southwest LLANO
Juice that may lower total cholesterol NONI
Like some airports: Abbr INTL
Lively Italian folk dance TARANTELLA
Sign on the dotted line AGREE
1975 Wimbledon winner ASHE
Hippodrome ARENA
In the back AREAR
Abbr on Chinese menus MSG
Book with inlets and insets ATLAS
Desperation option LASTRESORT
Stored the fodder ENSILED
Worked the land TILLED
Hyperbolic sine in trigonometry SINH
Fabled beauty HELEN
German refusal NEIN
Org whose annual budget is classified information NSA
Mate for a stag DOE


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