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Crossword Champ Premium November 7 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 7 2022 Answers:

Table part APRON
Spot of brandy DRAM
Nursing need TEAT
Trojans’ home (Abbr) USC
Drew on TV CAREY
Deal with SEETO
Game animals DEER
Theological belief DEISM
First name in beauty products ESTEE
Improve in a way EMEND
Berliner’s eight ACHT
Saltwater fish COD
Simpson to Marge HOMIE
Oleoresin used in incense ELEMI
After song EPODE
Iron for example METAL
Nice thoughts IDEES
Spok___an: representative ESM
Buck attachment AROO
Concert pianist Claudio ARRAU
Capital of Yemen SANAA
Ore suffix ITE
List-shortening abbreviation ETC
Emancipate FREE
10 million of them equal a joule ERGS
Alter slacks REHEM
Chinese menu general TSO
Perceives with the eye SEES
Misuse ABUSE
Gervasi who directed 2012’s Hitchcock SACHA
Love Song singer Bareilles SARA
Take ___ (catch some Z’s) ANAP
Coconut husk fiber COIR
Bookstore section across the pond HUMOUR
Actor Claude AKINS
FIlm-rating grp MPAA
Wing: Prefix PTER
I thought it’d never get here! ATLAST
What’s in ___? (2 wds) ANAME
Animated cartoon frame CEL
___ slaw COLE
Icelandic poetry manual EDDA
Wannabe attorney’s hurdle LSAT
Aimee of film ANOUK
Envelope abbr ATTN
Fishing gear RODS
Baby’s toy RATTLE
Spider-Man director Sam RAIMI
Hip-hop trio ___ Soul DELA
Oscar nominee for The Aviator ALDA
Taxonomic suffix OTE
Guard at the gate SENTRY
Pay ___ mind ITNO
Lost actor Daniel ___ Kim DAE
Means of communication press and TV MEDIA
Anatomical sacs CECA
Actress Bloom CLAIRE
Disney collectibles CELS
(Found in old and dusty places) COBWEB
Jethro ___ TULL
(Thin marks drawn) LINES
GI’s mail drop APO
Ancient ruined city in Jordan PETRA
Catcall HOOT
Significance IMPORTANCE
Boathouse inventory OARS
Creme-filled cookie OREO
Two-syllable poetic foot IAMB
Part of FNMA: Abbr MTGE
Game fish BASS
Levi’s Christ Stopped at __ EBOLI
Home to Mount Konahuanui OAHU
Prevaricates LIES
You’ve Got a Friend ___ INME
Count now EARL
Naldi of the Ziegfeld Follies NITA
Tom Sawyer’s creator TWAIN


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