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Crossword Champ Daily November 7 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 7 2022 Answers:

Notes in Guido’s scale ELAS
With a wink and ___ ANOD
My stars! IDECLARE
Psychological org APA
Catcher Campanella ROY
Minirecord albums briefly EPS
Religious procedure RITE
He was a thriller in Manila ALI
For one APOP
Bygone blade SNEE
Steal My Sunshine recorders LEN
Utters SAYS
Turkish title AGA
Alley ___! OOP
Ain’t properly done? ARENT
Accomplishes DOES
Drop into the mailbox SEND
End of the week day FRI
Speak one ___ time (2 wds) ATA
Bozos OAFS
Firmly state something ASSERT
Bodies of art? TORSOS
Slow on the uptake DENSE
Aces sometimes ONES
Letters denoting speedy jet SST
Top banana STAR
Brave singer Bareilles SARA
Waste allowance TRET
Mall units STORES
Having a very irregular pattern ERRATIC
1962 film ___ Bulba” TARAS
Partygoer ATTENDEE
Perplexing STRANGE
Creator of Felix and Oscar NEIL
Stairway in India leading to water GHAT
Lohengrin’s bride ELSA
Ridgeline ARETE
Oscar and Tony winner Mercedes RUEHL
Run-down shack RATTRAP
On ___ basis (for testing purposes) ATRIAL
Songs for a solo voice ARIAS
Go to a chophouse EATOUT
What’s the ___ trying? USEIN
Blimp eg LTA
Inform of danger WARN
Campaigns WARS
Have __ (be connected) ANIN
Habit ROTE
Girl’s name associated with a flower ROSIE
Jurassic Park revival DINOSAUR
Chocolat Lena of OLIN
German a EINE
Requests from an ed SAES
Hideous sort OGRE
River to the Dnieper ROS
Pelvic parts ILIA
Monet and Manet eg PAINTERS
Mosaic piece TESSERA
Seven eats it in a joke NINE


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