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Metro Crossword November 7 2022 Answers

Metro Crossword November 7 2022 Answers:

Trips across the pool 4 letters LAPS
Caesar & others 4 letters SIDS
Think ahead 4 letters PLAN
Bumbling 5 letters INEPT
Long journey 4 letters TREK
The __ Ranger 4 letters LONE
Panama hat material 5 letters STRAW
Home 9 letters RESIDENCE
Helpful hint 3 letters TIP
Beethoven’s __ to Joy 3 letters ODE
Heath for one 6 letters LEDGER
Funny bone’s location 5 letters ELBOW
Remain behind 3 letters LAG
Acquire 6 letters OBTAIN
Large Swiss city 6 letters GENEVA
Pig’s noise 5 letters GRUNT
Run-ins 5 letters SPATS
Part of TGIF 3 letters ITS
Peruse 4 letters READ
Bypasses 5 letters SKIPS
Girl in Little Women 4 letters BETH
Chow down 3 letters EAT
Pricey hotel booking 5 letters SUITE
Scrub in the tub 5 letters BATHE
Stop 6 letters DESIST
__ the flames; made things worse 6 letters FANNED
Get-up-and-go 3 letters PEP
Cuban dance 5 letters CONGA
C-to-C on a piano 6 letters OCTAVE
Singer Orbison 3 letters ROY
Michelle to Malia 3 letters MOM
In a cautious way 9 letters PRUDENTLY
Sports building 5 letters ARENA
__ or not to be… 4 letters TOBE
Ivory or Zest 4 letters SOAP
Snouts 5 letters NOSES
Eur. nation 4 letters SWED
Sunrise direction 4 letters EAST
Piece of office furniture 4 letters DESK
Roster 4 letters LIST
Prefix for body or freeze 4 letters ANTI
Extend indefinitely 10 letters PERPETUATE
Mineral spring 3 letters SPA
Scatter about 5 letters STREW
Wrath 3 letters IRE
__ Moines 3 letters DES
Frying pans 8 letters SKILLETS
Solemn promise 6 letters PLEDGE
Yearn 4 letters LONG
Suffix for annoy or avoid 4 letters ANCE
__-do-well; bum 4 letters NEER
Inferior; cheap 6 letters TWOBIT
College officials 5 letters DEANS
Ho or Shula 3 letters DON
Come to shore 4 letters LAND
Shrek for one 4 letters OGRE
Sandwich maker’s need 5 letters BREAD
Stare open-mouthed 4 letters GAPE
Asian language 10 letters VIETNAMESE
__ ready; poised to act 5 letters ATTHE
Very short play 4 letters SKIT
Prune center 3 letters PIT
Lean-to 4 letters SHED
Tense expectation 8 letters SUSPENSE
The Big __ Theory 4 letters BANG
Strainer 5 letters SIEVE
Sprawling tree 6 letters BANYAN
Did garden work 6 letters SPADED
Egg __ yong 3 letters FOO
Burial chamber 5 letters CRYPT
Makes a choice 4 letters OPTS
Cornfield pest 4 letters CROW
Toothpaste holder 4 letters TUBE
Singles 4 letters ONES
COVID-19 precaution 4 letters MASK
__ T; exactly 3 letters TOA
__ Cruces NM 3 letters LAS
Towel holder 3 letters ROD


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