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USA Today – Nov 14 2022 Crossword Answers

USA Today – Nov 14 2022

Clues Answers
‘Brown ___ Dreaming’ (Jacqueline Woodson novel) GIRL
‘Everything’s fine!’ NOHARMDONE
‘Hurry, driver!’ STEPONIT
‘I’d be glad to’ YES
‘I’m so annoyed!’ GRR
‘Just ___ it go!’ LET
‘Make it fast!’ ASAP
‘Now I get it!’ AHA
‘This just ___ fair!’ ISNT
‘You can say ___ again!’ THAT
47-Down in Spanish GATO
Aardvarks eat them ANTS
Airport-to-hotel car TAXI
Amplify BOOST
Award for the best in the league MVP
Beautiful in a simple way ELEGANT
Blown away INAWE
Brown soft drink COLA
Capital city home to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque MUSCATOMAN
Chef’s assistant PREPCOOK
Compete in a 10K RUN
Competitors RIVALS
Contaminate TAINT
Cube with 21 dots DIE
Emptying the dishwasher, for example CHORE
Essential things NEEDS
Feline zodiac sign LEO
Felt out of sorts AILED
Food in a ‘cake vs. yeast’ debate DONUT
Football scores (Abbr.) TDS
Garment at a tea ceremony KIMONO
German luxury cars BMWS
Give a keynote, for example ORATE
Great Lake near Cleveland ERIE
Heap praise on LAUD
Higher than OVER
Holiday on which black and white outfits are avoided TET
Honolulu’s island OAHU
Ingredient in some cereals WHEATBRAN
Clues Answers
Lean to one side TILT
Like houseplants POTTED
Like some folklore ORAL
Litter box visitor KITTY
Long dresses MAXIS
Loses traction SKIDS
Massachusetts state tree ELM
Massive GIANT
Mazu’s realm SEA
Moral wrongdoing SIN
Move around an axis ROTATE
No longer available GONE
One of the greatest pitchers of all time CATOSTERMAN
Part of a drum kit HIHAT
Party with poi LUAU
Pays attention to HEEDS
Person imposing their tastes on others SNOB
Phoenix NBA team SUNS
Prefix for ‘potent’ OMNI
Promise of repayment IOU
Reduce drastically SLASH
Salsa and samba, for example DANCES
Silly person TWIT
Single-file formation LINE
Software test version BETA
Songs like ‘Casta diva’ ARIAS
Totally absurd INANE
Tremble in the cold SHIVER
Unreturned serve ACE
Vichyssoise garnish CHIVES
Wagers BETS
Wander around ROAM
Was worthy of EARNED
Weather device on a roof VANE
Welcoming everyone OPENTOALL
Wipe off the page ERASE
Wood for bowling pins MAPLE
___ off (delays) PUTS
___ vault (track and field event) POLE


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