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New York Times – Nov 14 2022 Crossword Answers

New York Times – Nov 14 2022

Clues Answers
‘At Last’ singer ___ James ETTA
‘Dexter’ airer, for short SHO
‘Disgusting!’ BLECH
‘Here’s a brief summary,’ in internet-speak TLDR
‘Smi-i-i-i-le!’ SAYCHEESE
‘Stay, please!’ DONTLEAVE
‘The Big Podcast With Shaq’ host ONEAL
‘Watch your ___!’ (‘Attitude check!’) TONE
1990s fitness fad using karate moves TAEBO
After-hours bank convenience ATM
Alternative to Visa or Mastercard, informally AMEX
Baton Rouge sch LSU
Big fan, in modern lingo STAN
Birds that can twist their heads almost 360° OWLS
Black card suit CLUBS
Brewed beverage TEA
Brontë and Dickinson, for two EMILYS
Center of activity HUB
Change from Jason into a Power Ranger, say MORPH
Coffee tidbit BEAN
Consumed no cooked food ATERAW
Cuisine with tom yum gai THAI
Dull sound of impact THUD
Fashion monogram YSL
Finest efforts BESTS
Flashing light at a concert STROBE
Frittata ingredient EGG
Gaelic language ERSE
Hearty one-pot meal STEW
Hemingway’s ‘The Sun Also ___’ RISES
High-society, metaphorically UPPERCRUST
Image captured with Shift+Command+3 on a Mac SCREENSHOT
Ingredient in some skin-care products ALOE
Italian mojito garnish BASIL
Jump ___ (double Dutch equipment) ROPE
Largest hot desert in the world SAHARA
Letters spelled out with rocks on a desert island, in cartoons SOS
Lifesaving device for one with severe allergies EPIPEN
Clues Answers
Like a bad day for a picnic, say RAINY
List-ending abbreviation ETC
Little clump on a sweater PILL
Many a TikTok user, informally GENZER
Mental resourcefulness WITS
North Dakota city that’s the title of a Coen brothers film FARGO
Obama ___ ERA
One in nursery school TOT
Pennsylvania, in D.C.: Abbr AVE
Petty fight SPAT
Pigeon sound COO
Playback option, in brief SLOMO
Polite affirmative, in the South YESM
Preppy clothing brand IZOD
Revolutionary maneuver in sports or break dancing? SPINMOVE
Rock’s Joan ___ & the Blackhearts JETT
Sailor’s ‘Hello!’ AHOY
Self-absorbed VAIN
Sidekick of Mario and Luigi YOSHI
Slide (into) EASE
Social event hinted at by the ends of 18-, 28- and 48-Across PIZZAPARTY
Some quality cigars CUBANS
Something unimpressive, slangily WEAKSAUCE
Sound of a flyswatter WHAP
Start getting paid, as an athlete GOPRO
Swiss peak ALP
Take a midday snooze NAP
Tales passed down through generations LORE
The ‘A’ of B.A ARTS
The ‘A’ of U.A.E ARAB
They get defused in some action films (one hopes!) TIMEBOMBS
Turn clockwise or counterclockwise ROTATE
Warp drive power source on ‘Star Trek’ ANTIMATTER
West Coast N.F.L. player, informally LARAM
What ‘choosy moms’ choose, according to ads JIF
Word with shaving or sewing KIT
Wrath IRE
You’d better believe it! DOGMA
___ Rica COSTA


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