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Crossword Champ Daily November 14 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 14 2022 Answers:

Profs’ helpers TAS
Native of Ankara TURK
Wall Street whizzes ARBS
Denomination SECT
Harvests REAPS
Parent for example REARER
PC vendor ACER
Cuban cash PESOS
Undertake SETOUT
Government security agency abbr NSA
Not yet final NISI
Japanese potable SAKE
Carter and Irving AMYS
British actress Mary URE
Jon Stewart for one EMCEE
Formal affirmative reply IAM
Oxygen-carrying corpuscle (abbr) RBC
Outlawed explosion ATEST
(Area for clouds) SKY
Aldebaran or Arcturus KSTAR
Spanish spies AGENTES
People sharing living quarters slangily ROOMIES
Rural parents MAANDPA
___-Xers (baby boomers’ kids) GEN
Never in Nuremberg NIE
Apologia pro Vita ___: Newman SUA
Lena River locale SIBERIA
Past fast flying aircraft SST
What was ___ do? ITO
Crescent roll BUN
Disease that popularized the Ice Bucket Challenge ALS
(___ tots: mashed potato dish) TATER
You in Montreal TOI
Delivery inits EDA
Bill of Rights subj REL
Knock for a loop STUN
(Haz___ut: edible brown nut) ELN
Crackpot NUT
Lymph bump NODE
National Forest in Arizona TONTO
Brunch dish OMELET
Clock’s ancestor SUNDIAL
Producer of the Beatles’ first single EMI
Engaged INUSE
Dancing that clicks TAP
Medicinal Chinese herb GINSENG
Is peripatetic GADS
Nasdaq newcomers IPOS
Hardly traditionalists NEOS
Can I — witness? GETA
City between Kuwait and Iran BASRA
Herring-like fish SHAD
(Lawn tool with teeth) RAKE
Turkish VIP’s AGAS
Do an impression of APE
Hasta ___! (Later in La Paz) LUEGO
Girl informally GAL
Evil Queen’s disguise in Snow White and Seven Dwarfs HAG
Yabba dabba __! DOO
Cornerstone abbr ESTAB
Alias preceder AKA
Sound of air leaking SSS
Dabbling ducks TEALS
Plaines lead-in DES


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