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Crossword Champ Premium November 14 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 14 2022 Answers:

Schools of seals PODS
Medicinal dose PILL
Kind of arch OGEE
Airbag system in vehicle (abbr) SRS
Distributor ISSUER
Performed like silent street performers MIMED
Sp ladies SRAS
First word of several Irish airlines AER
SFO opponent in the 2012 World Series DET
Young alpaca CRIA
Bloom of cinema CLAIRE
Word waiters write RARE
High spd phone line ISDN
Starts of sneezes AHS
Hashtag for an Instagramer IGER
No ___ Bob! SIREE
Mascara site LASH
Meadows LEAS
They’re used to perform financial transactions SMARTCARDS
Nursery fixtures CRIBS
Directed LED
Petitions SUES
Box springs support SLAT
Nothing in Neuilly RIEN
Governed RULED
Software agreement; Abbr ULA
___ to middling FAIR
Burning flaming FIERY
Bern’s river AARE
Relating to a hair PILAR
Boxer’s prize PURSE
Polygenic disease DIABETES
Groups of two DYADS
Initiated SOWN
Storm or charge RUNAT
Soaks as flax RETS
Some factory workers DYERS
Nicks’ cousins DENTS
Medical care organization (abbr) HMO
Energy unit ERG
The Wreck of the Mary ___ (1956 novel) DEARE
___ Xiaoping DENG
Green VERT
Philosopher Lao-___ TSE
Capable of being twisted and turned BENDY
___ differ (object) BEGTO
Keep informed CUEIN
Police COPS
Suffix for press URE
Long-distance friend PENPAL
Significance of a story or event MORAL
Chocolate ___ MOUSSE
Drank too much alcohol TOPED
Classic Fad from 80’s Kids’ show starring four reptiles with martial arts skills TMNT
Oakland paper for short TRIB
Distribute equally METE
T-shaped crosses TAUS
Professional snoops TECS
Car accessory BRA
Go wild RIOT
Decade components in Mexico ANOS
Influence beforehand PREPOSSESS
Palmtop computer (abbr) PDA
Brand at the Daytona 500 STP
Singer of the 2016 #1 hit Cheap Thrills SIA
Dance that may affect the weather RAIN
Piano piece RAG
Philippine tree DITA
Sounds of time passing TICKS
Buck attachment AROO
Norwegian mathematician Niels ABEL
So last year PASSE
Understands GETS


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