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Crossword Champ Pro November 14 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 14 2022 Answers:

Door fastener LATCH
Testing spot LAB
Planting unit ACRE
Start of a whaler’s cry THAR
That’s the truth! HONEST
Ye ___ Shoppe OLDE
Something that may be amalgamated ORE
Pastoral setting LEA
Spanish explorer DESOTO
Levels out EVENS
Small whale MINKE
Some museum pieces STATUETTES
Awards night host EMCEE
Sound muffled by a handkerchief ACHOO
Superman who was a super man REEVE
Bard’s before ERE
Regd Names TMS
Lingerie shown during a preview? BRAINTEASER
Spice amt perhaps TSP
Prefix with pressure ACU
French commune ERNES
Politician STATIST
Tomato-impact noises SPLATS
Alfred ___ and Lynn Fontanne LUNT
Happy ___ lark ASA
Night on which 60 Minutes TUE
Charge FEE
Sound detected with a stethoscope RALE
Poison bearing tree UPAS
Mirror worship NARCISSISM
Many eyed monsters ARGUSES
Spirit of Hope Award gp USO
Dundee denial NAE
Snout NOSE
On ___ with (equal to) APAR
Paternity identifier DNA
British mil honor DSO
Agree out of court SETTLE
Mule of song SAL
Overdue LATE
Kett of old comics ETTA
Most prominent LARGEST
Summer hrs in Boston EDT
Living environment HABITAT
Would-be inheritor HEIR
Former currency of Portugal ESCUDO
Underworld goddess HEL
Vert’s opposite HOR
Tartan pattern SETT
Believer’s suffix IST
King (Fr) ROI
Land angler-style REELIN
Adrift say ATSEA
Petal oils ATTARS
Cats inspirer’s monogram TSE
Hosiery shade TAUPE
Rabbit chaser FERRET
Streams forth FLOWS
Special ability ESP
Its bottles feature red triangles BASSALE
New Mexico necktie BOLO
Halifax clock setting (Abbr) AST
Emulate a skunk STINK
Part of JFK: Abbr INIT
___ pot (sinus teatment) NETI
Twittering Machine artist KLEE
French vote OUI
Perfect desert energy source? SOLARPANELS
Nickname in the Star Wars prequels ANI
Single curl or crunch in the gym REP
Draft org SSS
Old records (Abbr) LPS
Rough cord TWINE
Religious practices RITES
May be on a CD that comes with a new PC OEM
Short cut? SNIP
Pigpens STIES


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