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USA Today Crossword November 14 2022 Answers

USA Today Crossword November 14 2022 Answers:

Amplify 5 letters BOOST
I’m so annoyed! 3 letters GRR
Person imposing their tastes on others 4 letters SNOB
Wood for bowling pins 5 letters MAPLE
Promise of repayment 3 letters IOU
Emptying the dishwasher for example 5 letters CHORE
Ingredient in some cereals 9 letters WHEATBRAN
Part of a drum kit 5 letters HIHAT
Phoenix NBA team 4 letters SUNS
Massachusetts state tree 3 letters ELM
Competitors 6 letters RIVALS
You can say ___ again! 4 letters THAT
Higher than 4 letters OVER
Feline zodiac sign 3 letters LEO
One of the greatest pitchers of all time 11 letters CATOSTERMAN
Wipe off the page 5 letters ERASE
Songs like Casta diva 5 letters ARIAS
Cube with 21 dots 3 letters DIE
Lean to one side 4 letters TILT
Massive 5 letters GIANT
___ vault (track and field event) 4 letters POLE
Beautiful in a simple way 7 letters ELEGANT
Was worthy of 6 letters EARNED
Like houseplants 6 letters POTTED
Pays attention to 5 letters HEEDS
Garment at a tea ceremony 6 letters KIMONO
Make it fast! 4 letters ASAP
Totally absurd 5 letters INANE
Single-file formation 4 letters LINE
Brown soft drink 4 letters COLA
Airport-to-hotel car 4 letters TAXI
Capital city home to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque 10 letters MUSCATOMAN
Silly person 4 letters TWIT
Weather device on a roof 4 letters VANE
Food in a cake vs. yeast debate 5 letters DONUT
I’d be glad to 3 letters YES
___ off (delays) 4 letters PUTS
Loses traction 5 letters SKIDS
German luxury cars 4 letters BMWS
Honolulu’s island 4 letters OAHU
Welcoming everyone 9 letters OPENTOALL
Reduce drastically 5 letters SLASH
Holiday on which black and white outfits are avoided 3 letters TET
Brown ___ Dreaming (Jacqueline Woodson novel) 4 letters GIRL
Wander around 4 letters ROAM
Compete in a 10K 3 letters RUN
Tremble in the cold 6 letters SHIVER
Everything’s fine! 10 letters NOHARMDONE
Like some folklore 4 letters ORAL
Wagers 4 letters BETS
Vichyssoise garnish 6 letters CHIVES
Software test version 4 letters BETA
Move around an axis 6 letters ROTATE
Unreturned serve 3 letters ACE
Just ___ it go! 3 letters LET
Great Lake near Cleveland 4 letters ERIE
Contaminate 5 letters TAINT
Give a keynote for example 5 letters ORATE
Moral wrongdoing 3 letters SIN
Felt out of sorts 5 letters AILED
Essential things 5 letters NEEDS
Hurry driver! 8 letters STEPONIT
47-Down in Spanish 4 letters GATO
Chef’s assistant 8 letters PREPCOOK
No longer available 4 letters GONE
Now I get it! 3 letters AHA
Salsa and samba for example 6 letters DANCES
Litter box visitor 5 letters KITTY
Blown away 5 letters INAWE
Long dresses 5 letters MAXIS
Mazu’s realm 3 letters SEA
Party with poi 4 letters LUAU
This just ___ fair! 4 letters ISNT
Prefix for potent 4 letters OMNI
Heap praise on 4 letters LAUD
Aardvarks eat them 4 letters ANTS
Award for the best in the league 3 letters MVP
Football scores (Abbr.) 3 letters TDS


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