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Best Free Themed Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword November 21 2022 Answers:

Current units briefly 4 letters AMPS
Language of Bangkok 4 letters THAI
Citified 5 letters URBAN
Special benefit for an exec 4 letters PERK
Westminster washrooms 4 letters LAVS
Part of a project 5 letters PHASE
*Sound investments 15 letters GREENCHIPSTOCKS
___ the good (beneficial) 5 letters ALLTO
Greet informally 5 letters SAYHI
Pres. after FDR 3 letters HST
Doesn’t just sit there 6 letters REACTS
Inarticulate grunt 3 letters UGH
*Extremely jealous 13 letters WHITEWITHENVY
McGregor in the movies 4 letters EWAN
Cultural no-no 5 letters TABOO
Petrol station sign 4 letters ESSO
___ Andronicus (Shakespeare tragedy) 5 letters TITUS
Break of day 4 letters DAWN
La ___ (Richie Valens hit and a biopic about his life) 5 letters BAMBA
CBS military drama 4 letters NCIS
*Backwoods hooch 13 letters BLUELIGHTNING
Fashion initials 3 letters YSL
News reporting coups 6 letters SCOOPS
Pomp and Circumstance marchers (abbr.) 3 letters SRS
Taverna shots 5 letters OUZOS
Opinion piece 5 letters ESSAY
Alternate title for this puzzle 15 letters COLORVARIATIONS
Iowa religious settlement 5 letters AMANA
Right’s opposite 4 letters LEFT
Monthly util. expense 4 letters ELEC
Whiz 5 letters MAVEN
This in Tijuana 4 letters ESTA
Hershey candy 4 letters ROLO
Eponymic delivery room test 5 letters APGAR
Haggard who wasn’t an Okie from Muskogee 5 letters MERLE
Future attorney’s undergrad focus 6 letters PRELAW
Comedy show bit 6 letters SKETCH
Discovery sister station 3 letters TLC
Condescending sounds 4 letters HAHS
Nike alternative 4 letters AVIA
Game for youngsters 4 letters ISPY
Priggish 7 letters UPTIGHT
Sorority letter 3 letters RHO
Brandenburg Concertos composer 4 letters BACH
Raises as a question 4 letters ASKS
Wren’s home 4 letters NEST
Count me out! 4 letters NOTI
Get some ___-eye 4 letters SHUT
Let it stand 4 letters STET
Spear follower? 4 letters HEAD
Patrick ___ (Basketball Hall-of-Famer and college coach) 5 letters EWING
Observe 5 letters WATCH
Arctic people 5 letters INUIT
Pro hoops org. 3 letters NBA
Solemn pledge 3 letters VOW
Round ___ virgin… 3 letters YON
Diminish 3 letters EBB
Mule on the Erie Canal 3 letters SAL
Site of GWB’s presidential library 3 letters SMU
Follow orders 4 letters OBEY
W-2 IDs 4 letters SSNS
Loser 7 letters ALSORAN
Words on a candy heart 4 letters ILUV
Rapper/actor born Tracy Marrow 4 letters ICET
More likely to snoop 6 letters NOSIER
Split with the band 6 letters GOSOLO
Group of pundits 5 letters PANEL
Food service giant 5 letters SYSCO
It’s not legit 4 letters SCAM
Popular tomato 4 letters ROMA
Serb for one 4 letters SLAV
___ Corp. (Texas-based jewelry co.) 4 letters ZALE
Pyrite and galena 4 letters ORES
Bread recipe directive 4 letters SIFT
Till bill 3 letters ONE
___ glance 3 letters ATA

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