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Canadiana Crossword Answers November 07, 2022

Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Church part APSE
Apple variety SPY
Change EDIT
Wildcat LYNX
China’s Chairman, once MAO
Serve DISH
Quebec Parti BLOC
Sea eagle ERN
Handout DOLE
“Slicklicker” inventor Richard _____ SEWELL
“Trivial Pursuit” co-creator Chris ____ HANEY
Revolve ROTATE
“Pacemaker” inventor John _____ HOPPS
Storage unit BIN
Likely APT
Came to earth ALIT
Letters denoting compassion TLC
Damp WET
Ms Deer DOE
“Pablum” inventor Alan ____ BROWN
Commotion UPROAR
“Table Hockey” inventor Don _____ MUNRO
“Anti-gravity suit” inventor Dr Wilbur _____ FRANKS
Cookie jar item OREO
Stroke PET
Christmas NOEL
Most worthy BEST
Unrefined metal ORE
Not here GONE
Fill up SATE
Cyst WEN
Enough (arch.) ENOW


Vestments ALBS
TV’s Gomer ____ PYLE
Deceive, in a way SNOW
Golf score PAR
Far away YON
Icelandic poems EDDA
“The Scoot” inventor Malcolm _____ DION
Skye or Wight ISLE
Those ones THEY
Pinos or Pozos preceder LOS
Ms Peacock HEN
More competent ABLER
Twitch TIC
Gee’s opposite HAW
A cheer, in Cadiz OLE
Snake or bear follower PIT
In the past AGO
Bench PEW
Cable sports net. TSN
Bottom’s opposite TOP
Put in order ARRANGE
Twosome DUO
Tavern BAR
Frequent OFTEN
Rabbles MOBS
Fertilizer component UREA
Hornet’s home NEST
A way to learn ROTE
Midday NOON
Casino game KENO
Slaughtered SLEW
Mil. prisoner POW
Poet’s before ERE


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