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Code Letter Crossword Answers November 09, 2022

Crossword: by Steve Faiella


Grocery sacks BAGS
Voice below soprano ALTO
Sports squads TEAMS
Cream-filled cookie OREO
Sidewalk’s edge CURB
Short summary RECAP
Make airtight SEAL
Quartet minus one TRIO
Indoor sports venue ARENA
Heart-healthy gym routines CARDIOEXERCISES
AMA members DRS
Chowed down ATE
Coconut Girl Scout cookies SAMOAS
Annoys IRKS
Castaway’s dwelling HUT
Piece of fabric CLOTH
Genealogy diagram TREE
Sheet of glass PANE
“Satellite” music programs RADIOBROADCASTS
Iowa State University city AMES
Watermelon covering RIND
Bandleader’s signal to play HITIT
Office seeker, for short POL
Drains of energy SAPS
Hardly ever RARELY
Off-road auto, for short ATV
Sounds of satisfaction AHS
Participants in “live” TV shows STUDIOAUDIENCES
Place for a boutonniere LAPEL
High-fiber cereal BRAN
Money in Spain EURO
Take in a shelter dog ADOPT
Frozen waffle brand EGGO
Jockey’s strap REIN
Would like to have WANTS
Catches sight of SEES
Praiseful poems ODES


Variety of pear BOSC
Vicinity AREA
Auto transmission selection GEAR
Got money for SOLD
Cast members ACTORS
Entices LURES
Longtime cereal “for kids” TRIX
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Land parcels TRACTS
Spooky EERIE
Top poker cards ACES
Lion’s hair MANE
Relaxing resorts SPAS
Potato state IDAHO
Gathered leaves RAKED
Paper fragment SCRAP
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
Fashion-show strutter MODEL
Big name in elevator history OTIS
Golf clubs that aren’t woods IRONS
Enjoy a book READ
Reckless speed HASTE
No later than UNTIL
In a bad mood TESTY
Stumble while walking TRIP
Twosome PAIR
Operagoer’s “Well done!” BRAVO
Run after CHASE
Clown’s walking props STILTS
Nose-horned African beasts RHINOS
Expert (at) ADEPT
Traditional maxim ADAGE
Shredded cabbage SLAW
“And here it is!” TADA
“Once __ a time . . .” UPON
$5 bills, informally ABES
Push for URGE
Infamous Roman emperor NERO
Given a signal on stage CUED
A Great Lake ERIE
Boys in the family SONS


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