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Crossword Champ Daily November 18 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 18 2022 Answers:

Barbara to friends BABS
Troop grp BSA
Safari wheels ATV
Departing word BYE
Brand of mattresses SERTA
Washington ___ NYC HTS
Orchestra member HARPIST
Mai ___ TAIS
South Pacific island SAMOA
Caught the scent of SMELLED
Ten thousand saw ___ a glance: Wordsworth IAT
Population count: ce___s NSU
Alphabetic trio GHI
Swelling on eyelid STYE
Tower’s letters AAA
Pound MASH
Say for sure AVER
Canyon feature RIM
Small handbag ETUI
Cultivated dirt TOPSOIL
At an angle (abbr) OBL
Belonging to a thing ITS
Mustard plant WASABI
Three-time Super Bowl-winning coach WALSH
Displaying awe AGAPE
Certain print SEPIA
Words after a holdup ATLAST
In connection with ANENT
Grave marker STELA
Rises and falls of the sea TIDES
Time in history AGE
WW II craft LST
Wine receptacle TUN
___mental: emotional SENTI
Runners numbers LAPS
Volleyball players at times SETTERS
Harbor craft TUG
Land document DEED
Double agents SPIES
It’s big in California SUR
Fed energy overseer NRC
Mountain depression COL
Nationals grp NLE
Get intense HEATUP
No longer fashionable PASSE
Major body arteries AORTAS
Interprets READS
Stomp heavily TRAMPLE
King’s downfall maybe MATE
Word with Christmas or family TREE
Chat room article TEH
Genetic letters RNA
Cake ingredient EGG
Start of many city names SAN
Malarial fever AGUE
Robert Burns word GIE
Altdorf’s canton URI
Aliens for short ETS
MIT grad: Abbr ENGR
Mlle who’s been canonized STE
Juicy gossip in slang DIRT
Crones HAGS
Electric fish EEL
Doce halved SEIS

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