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Crossword Champ Daily November 21 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 21 2022 Answers:

Fixes illegally RIGS
Former rival of AT&T GTE
But to Claudius SED
Longs for DESIRES
French melancholy TRISTE
Lay down some ground ___ RULES
Like the cream of the crop AONE
Taking place (in) SITUATED
Newton and Hayes ISAACS
One learning to walk TOT
Give a name to TITLE
Retailed SOLD
Drupelets ACINI
Epithet of Athena ALEA
Telephone part CORD
___ you awake? ARE
Map abbrs STS
Window feature SILL
Third: Comb form TRIT
Samoa money unit SENE
Cambodia’s ___ Nol LON
Come about TRANSPIRE
Groove RUT
Ky bluegrass POA
Distinct historic time ERA
Fully grown pike LUCE
Chocolat Lena of OLIN
Infomercials eg ADS
___ surprised as you are! IMAS
Germany France and Italy are all located in ___ope EUR
Main idea THEME
1051 on monuments MLI
Honor regard: ___pect RES
___ tracks (barely legible writing) HEN
Author Zola EMILE
Countless MYRIAD
Chopper to GIs HELO
Deceive HAVEON
Dictionary abbr SYN
How some actors work ONCAMERA
Wood sorrel tuber OCA
(Cor___ws) NRO
Southwestern saloons CANTINAS
Online DIY jewelry source ETSY
Berlin graybeard ALTE
Brief admission of responsibility IDID
Indy winner Luyendyk ARIE
Dry outer covering of a fruit seed or nut HULL
Steinem for one FEMINIST
Sassy trio? ESSES
Agency for homeowners (abbr) FHA
Ars longa ___ brevis VITA
Brit’s raincoat MAC
Mil staff man ADC
Wardrobe items for the collar TIES
Key of Mendelssohn’s Symphony No 3 AMINOR
One in competition VIER
Soothe as a savage beast TAME
Enthusiastic AVID
Like some rumors IDLE

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