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Crossword Champ Daily November 5 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 5 2022 Answers:

Duck’s home POND
It may be super in politics PAC
Lennon’s beloved ONO
Put up as a candidate NOMINATE
Lady in distress? DAMSEL
Cleo’s undoing ASP
London-based insurance giant with eponymous Chicago and LA skyscrapers AON
Open carriage SHAY
Mushroom gills PILEI
Muslim prophet NABI
Not quite NEARLY
The Ponte Vecchio crosses it ARNO
Deck crew overseer BOSN
Words of understanding (2 wds) ISEE
Indonesian quadruped ANOA
___ see now! (Aha!) OHI
Winged god of love EROS
Like some living COMMUNAL
Ousted from office UNSEATED
Handle in Paris ANSE
Give a wrong title to a person m___ame ISN
The very beginning YEARONE
Spider-Man to Peter Parker ALTEREGO
Literature’s Papa ERNEST
Bombeck who wrote The Grass Is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank ERMA
Sit a spell REST
Toronto-based CFL broadcaster TSN
Indisposed ILL
Most heartfelt REALEST
Embargoes or banns on a country boyco___ TTS
Keyboard goofs TYPOS
Like many landscape paintings PLEINAIR
(___ cloud that surrounds the Sun) OORT
Insolence SASS
Hrs in Salt Lake City MST
Cavern in poetry ANTRE
Heater to Capone ROD
Hawaiian for long LOA
Outlawed explosion ATEST
Fits’ partners STARTS
Copier attachments SORTERS
Strip alternatives TBONES
Gumshoe TEC
Fighting group CADRE
Accounting entries DEBITS
Naval squads ARMADAS
Sounds of surprise AHHA
Word before time or life REAL
Actress Sorvino MIRA
Crease SEAM
Suffix for poly or penta GON
Prince eg HEIR
Touch off DETONATE
European crested ___ TIT
Chorus syllable TRA
(B___wax is often used in lipbalms) EES
Male red deer HART
Thor Heyerdahl boat RAI
Green land EIRE
Cry of sadness ALAS
Lifesaver’s initials perhaps EMT
Sp women (Abbr) SRAS


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