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Crossword Champ Premium November 21 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 21 2022 Answers:

Stretch: exp___ ANSE
Park alcove ARBOR
Hangman’s rope NOOSE
Personae non gratae SNOTS
___ bisschen (not much: Ger) EIN
Falcon’s home AERIE
Steve of country music EARLE
Cambodian currency RIEL
Bach’s Mass ___ Minor INB
They’re useful in making contacts EYETESTS
Nathan’s nickname NATE
Constituent of dynamite NITRO
Turned off ALIENATED
Hotfoot it TEAR
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Rice-A-___ RONI
Like wet weather RAINY
M’ in mph stands for m___ ILES
Blessing BOON
Loon’s relative GREBE
Familia members TIAS
East of Berlin OST
Place to set a candle maybe SILL
Do in SLAY
Matador TORERO
Novel by Herman Melville OMOO
Find a solution RESOLVE
Gorge oneself with facetiously ODON
Soda flavor LEMON
Kitchen floor coverings to a Brit LINOS
Lost actor Daniel ___ Kim DAE
Japanese soup MISO
Medieval war clubs MACES
Orange’s org ACC
Scolded CHID
Buffalo Bill’s surname CODY
Star Trek IV director NIMOY
Australasian palm NIPA
Tax planner’s recommendations IRAS
Saving Private Ryan actor MATTDAMON
Division of a long poem CANTO
French philosopher who developed positivism COMTE
Howe’er THO
Theocratic republic IRAN
Crazy people LOCOS
John ___ the Lone Ranger REID
Split apart REND
Light touch PAT
Apples eg POMES
Breathe rapidly PANT
Lingerie item BRA
___ the night before TWAS
Prince Edward Island hrs AST
Little bits of land AITS
Recognize OWN
Simple eyes OCELLI
Who wrote Let us not speak of them but look and pass on DANTE
Stein quote ending AROSE
University environment ACADEME
Writer Nin ANAIS
After ant or man EATER
Become one MERGE
Writing by Montaigne ESSAI
French card game for two ECARTE
Olympic track champion Zatopek EMIL
Philippine island or its seaport CEBU
French articles UNES
Website addresses URLS
DDE’s adversary AES
Quick note MEMO
Pastoral RURAL
Family card game UNO
Mail: Abbr LTRS
Dangerous drug LSD
Native Nigerians IBOS
King of the Sumerian gods ENLIL
Genesis source SEGA
Dobussy’s Clair de ___ LUNE
Martini’s partner in winemaking ROSSI
Three in Hamburg DREI

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