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Crossword Champ Pro November 18 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 18 2022 Answers:

Army rate (Abbr) CPL
Hoof-on-pavement sound CLOP
Henry VIII’s 6th wife PARR
Protection for Tom Brady LINE
Forbidding STERN
Persona non ___ GRATA
Take back to the lab RETEST
___ a Rock (1966 hit) IAM
Dept store stock MDSE
Adjust as laces RETIE
Hoffman’s Midnight Cowboy role RATSO
Highest note ELA
Lively Italian dance TARANTELLA
Golf club IRON
Paramedics commonly EMTS
Animal’s refuge LAIR
Narrate an event RELATE
Interpret READ
Sleep spoiler ALARM
Caen’s river ORNE
Convenience store fixtures ATMS
Medium deck? TAROT
Church dignitary PRELATE
Love in Livorno AMORE
Frozen Wasser EIS
The ___ Continent (Australia) ISLAND
Response (Abbr) ANS
Accumulate COLLECT
It’s next on my list SOON
Org that Julia Child once worked for OSS
Green sauce PESTO
Bone lover POOCH
Guitar Town singer steve EARLE
Green vegetable STRINGBEAN
It helps a cat keep its balance TAIL
Despot Amin IDI
Wild guess STAB
Disney mermaid ARIEL
Port on the Shatt al-Arab BASRA
Horse operas OATERS
Chip condiments SALSAS
Lupino of Beware My Lovely IDA
Red Cross supplies SERA
Hockey great Bobby ORR
Making money EARNING
Dirty dog RAT
Equipotential surface of the Earth GEOID
__ for Lawless (Grafton book) LIS
One of the Muses CLIO
Actress Massen OSA
Muscle strengthened in rowing in brief LAT
Something done ACTION
Egg layers HENS
Margin mark perhaps STET
Steamed Mexican dish TAMALE
Florida city SARASOTA
Vasco da ___ GAMA
Tricky billiard shot MASSE
Crane-like device DAVIT
West African river VOLTA
Time keeper? FOB
Dismiss FIRE
Unique person ONER
Happy ___ clam at high water ASA
Contraction ABBR
Dealer in women’s fashions MODISTE
Did the butterfly SWAM
Look after TEND
Morales of film ESAI
Arrow poisons INEES
Brit music label EMI
Object of Jezebel’s worship BAAL
Reaction to a cold drink on a hot day AAH
Is short and shy OWES
Manila measures REAMS
Latvian eg BALT
Zola courtesan NANA
Sesame Street regular ERNIE
Mother of Zeus RHEA
Century-starting year MDI

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