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Crossword Champ Pro November 18 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 18 2022 Answers:

Army rate (Abbr)CPL
Hoof-on-pavement soundCLOP
Henry VIII’s 6th wifePARR
Protection for Tom BradyLINE
Persona non ___GRATA
Take back to the labRETEST
___ a Rock (1966 hit)IAM
Dept store stockMDSE
Adjust as lacesRETIE
Hoffman’s Midnight Cowboy roleRATSO
Highest noteELA
Lively Italian danceTARANTELLA
Golf clubIRON
Paramedics commonlyEMTS
Animal’s refugeLAIR
Narrate an eventRELATE
Sleep spoilerALARM
Caen’s riverORNE
Convenience store fixturesATMS
Medium deck?TAROT
Church dignitaryPRELATE
Love in LivornoAMORE
Frozen WasserEIS
The ___ Continent (Australia)ISLAND
Response (Abbr)ANS
It’s next on my listSOON
Org that Julia Child once worked forOSS
Green saucePESTO
Bone loverPOOCH
Guitar Town singer steveEARLE
Green vegetableSTRINGBEAN
It helps a cat keep its balanceTAIL
Despot AminIDI
Wild guessSTAB
Disney mermaidARIEL
Port on the Shatt al-ArabBASRA
Horse operasOATERS
Chip condimentsSALSAS
Lupino of Beware My LovelyIDA
Red Cross suppliesSERA
Hockey great BobbyORR
Making moneyEARNING
Dirty dogRAT
Equipotential surface of the EarthGEOID
__ for Lawless (Grafton book)LIS
One of the MusesCLIO
Actress MassenOSA
Muscle strengthened in rowing in briefLAT
Something doneACTION
Egg layersHENS
Margin mark perhapsSTET
Steamed Mexican dishTAMALE
Florida citySARASOTA
Vasco da ___GAMA
Tricky billiard shotMASSE
Crane-like deviceDAVIT
West African riverVOLTA
Time keeper?FOB
Unique personONER
Happy ___ clam at high waterASA
Dealer in women’s fashionsMODISTE
Did the butterflySWAM
Look afterTEND
Morales of filmESAI
Arrow poisonsINEES
Brit music labelEMI
Object of Jezebel’s worshipBAAL
Reaction to a cold drink on a hot dayAAH
Is short and shyOWES
Manila measuresREAMS
Latvian egBALT
Zola courtesanNANA
Sesame Street regularERNIE
Mother of ZeusRHEA
Century-starting yearMDI

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