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Daily American Crossword November 15 2022 Answers

Best Daily American Crossword November 15 2022 Answers:

Evert of tennis 5 letters CHRIS
Author Vonnegut 4 letters KURT
Tory rival 4 letters WHIG
Raise aloft 5 letters HOIST
On __ with 4 letters APAR
Reckless 4 letters RASH
American Fur Company founder 5 letters ASTOR
Tear apart 4 letters RIVE
Too 4 letters ALSO
Style of the Ashcan School 7 letters REALISM
Disrespectful 7 letters IMPIOUS
Key above G 5 letters AFLAT
Start 6 letters OUTSET
Small pointed beard 6 letters GOATEE
Planet of the Apes planet 5 letters EARTH
Stratagem 4 letters RUSE
Desire Under the __ 4 letters ELMS
Composer Straus 5 letters OSKAR
Halloween mo. 3 letters OCT
Songwriter Sondheim 7 letters STEPHEN
Lyricist Gershwin 3 letters IRA
A question of possession 5 letters WHOSE
Gals’ partners 4 letters GUYS
Getting __ years 4 letters ONIN
Like some keys 5 letters MINOR
Go fast 6 letters STREAK
__ Alligator (Matt Dillon movie) 6 letters ALBINO
Draw __ on (aim at) 5 letters ABEAD
Most courageous 7 letters BOLDEST
Have a flair for 7 letters EXCELAT
Sleep like __ 4 letters ALOG
Hawkeye State 4 letters IOWA
Maine university town 5 letters ORONO
Gin-flavoring fruit 4 letters SLOE
Greek love-god 4 letters EROS
Substantial 5 letters MEATY
Service break? 4 letters HYMN
Civil disorder 4 letters RIOT
__ Ababa 5 letters ADDIS
Scorch 4 letters CHAR
Air carrier 4 letters HOSE
Singer Coolidge 4 letters RITA
Cut off 7 letters ISOLATE
Conflict 6 letters STRIFE
Fate 5 letters KARMA
Wire service inits. 3 letters UPI
Sitarist Shankar 4 letters RAVI
Slight quake 6 letters TREMOR
Apparitions 7 letters WRAITHS
Circles of angels 5 letters HALOS
Give out 5 letters ISSUE
Uncredited author 5 letters GHOST
Driving hazard 5 letters SLEET
Don 5 letters PUTON
Japanese deep-fried dish 7 letters TEMPURA
Increase 4 letters GROW
That hurts! 4 letters OUCH
Concerning 4 letters ASTO
Pale 4 letters ASHY
Building block company 4 letters LEGO
Cows old-style 4 letters KINE
Pavarotti piece 4 letters ARIA
Status 4 letters RANK
Large fishnet 5 letters SEINE
English county near London 5 letters ESSEX
Little bit 7 letters SMIDGEN
Commanded 7 letters ORDERED
More intrusive 6 letters NOSIER
Seaport on Puget Sound 6 letters TACOMA
Shame 5 letters ABASH
Money in Manchester 5 letters LOLLY
Flower 5 letters BLOOM
Brute 5 letters BEAST
Singer Amos 4 letters TORI
Trucker’s haul 4 letters LOAD
Against 4 letters ANTI
Playthings 4 letters TOYS
Court 3 letters WOO


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