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Daily American Crossword November 16 2022 Answers

Best Daily American Crossword November 16 2022 Answers:

Secure 4 letters SAFE
Questionable 4 letters IFFY
Fiddlesticks! 5 letters PSHAW
Potter’s need 4 letters KILN
Roman farewell 4 letters VALE
Spanish wine 5 letters RIOJA
Kind of triangle 9 letters ISOSCELES
Ottoman empire founder 5 letters OSMAN
Ground grain 5 letters FLOUR
Sharp taste 4 letters TANG
Sermon basis 4 letters TEXT
Metal cap on a stick 7 letters FERRULE
Sahara stopover 5 letters OASIS
Put forth 5 letters EXERT
Send away 6 letters BANISH
Not nude 4 letters CLAD
Penthouse feature 4 letters VIEW
Granter of wishes 5 letters GENIE
Babe 3 letters HON
Ship’s boat 7 letters PINNACE
Like MacDonald 3 letters OLD
Decree 5 letters UKASE
__ Jail. 4 letters GOTO
Black 4 letters INKY
Bit of bad luck 6 letters MISHAP
Tears 5 letters RENDS
Jewish scriptures 5 letters TORAH
Zola’s literary style 7 letters REALISM
Start of a whaler’s cry 4 letters THAR
Pinches 4 letters NIPS
Skate’s cousin 5 letters MANTA
__ la vista 5 letters HASTA
Get in 9 letters GAINENTRY
Architect Saarinen 5 letters ELIEL
Keep from view 4 letters HIDE
Trounce 4 letters DRUB
Intended 5 letters MEANT
Bunch 4 letters SLEW
A portion 4 letters SOME
Small boat 5 letters SKIFF
Path to the altar 5 letters AISLE
Knock down 5 letters FLOOR
Guaranteed 7 letters ENSURED
__ Got a Secret 3 letters IVE
Stumbling 9 letters FALTERING
Small circus performer 4 letters FLEA
Type of question 5 letters YESNO
One side of a debate 3 letters PRO
Vatican chapel 7 letters SISTINE
Pinpoints 9 letters HOMESINON
Trojan War hero 4 letters AJAX
Lack 4 letters WANT
Essential point 4 letters CRUX
Gossip’s gift 3 letters GAB
Son of Jacob and Leah 4 letters LEVI
Wise 4 letters SAGE
Barbershop quartet member 5 letters TENOR
Lingerie material 4 letters SILK
Movie star Lamarr 4 letters HEDY
Salmon type 4 letters CHUM
Norse god of mischief 4 letters LOKI
Oscar-winning role for Ingrid Bergman 9 letters ANASTASIA
Shore 9 letters WATERSIDE
Juicy fruit 4 letters PEAR
Volcano peak 4 letters CONE
Abbreviate 7 letters SHORTEN
Archipelago components 7 letters ISLANDS
Greek woodland deity 3 letters PAN
Broad 4 letters DAME
States of elation 5 letters HIGHS
Opening 5 letters INTRO
Stroke strings 5 letters STRUM
Perhaps 5 letters MAYBE
Not us 4 letters THEM
Robust 4 letters HALE
Bucket 4 letters PAIL
Space bar neighbor 3 letters ALT
Just out 3 letters NEW


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