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Daily American Crossword November 9 2022 Answers

Best Daily American Crossword November 9 2022 Answers:

Kitchen gadget 5 letters CORER
Mandlikova of tennis 4 letters HANA
Isle of exile 4 letters ELBA
Maine university town 5 letters ORONO
Gouda alternative 4 letters EDAM
Butcher’s stock 4 letters MEAT
Rio de la __ 5 letters PLATA
Maze 9 letters LABYRINTH
Gypsy star 1989 8 letters TYNEDALY
Skin art 6 letters TATTOO
Chief city of Moravia 4 letters BRNO
Birds of prey 7 letters RAPTORS
Adar’s predecessor 6 letters SHEBAT
The Divine Comedy poet 5 letters DANTE
Assigned authority 9 letters DELEGATED
Title for Judi Dench 4 letters DAME
Prepare for war 3 letters ARM
Pensive poems 7 letters ELEGIES
2001 computer 3 letters HAL
Eccentric 4 letters KOOK
Deferral 9 letters RAINCHECK
Muslim priests 5 letters IMAMS
River at Runnymede 6 letters THAMES
Battlement openings 7 letters CRENELS
Little brothers? 4 letters BROS
Drove 6 letters HERDED
Vampire’s undoing 8 letters DAYLIGHT
Still the same 9 letters UNALTERED
It may be bid 5 letters ADIEU
Chess win 4 letters MATE
100 dinars 4 letters RIAL
Competitor 5 letters RIVAL
Walk heavily 4 letters PLOD
Big name in electronics 4 letters SONY
Scent 5 letters SMELL
Egyptian Christian 4 letters COPT
Air France destination 4 letters ORLY
Horse of a certain color 4 letters ROAN
Town on Lake Victoria 7 letters ENTEBBE
Driver control problem 8 letters ROADRAGE
Hi 5 letters HELLO
An apple __ … 4 letters ADAY
Collar 3 letters NAB
The Hundred Secret Senses author 6 letters AMYTAN
Gave out 7 letters EMITTED
Presto’s opposite 5 letters LENTO
Ulan __ 5 letters BATOR
One Musketeer 5 letters ATHOS
Entranced 4 letters RAPT
Conductor Dorati 5 letters ANTAL
Spoke more than once? 5 letters RADII
Mont. neighbor 4 letters SDAK
Leander’s love 4 letters HERO
One of the Muppets 4 letters ELMO
After the Bath painter 5 letters DEGAS
__ of Endearment 5 letters TERMS
Attention-getter 4 letters AHEM
Official staff 4 letters MACE
Lodge members 4 letters ELKS
Way in 5 letters ENTRY
Academic types 8 letters SCHOLARS
Lit 7 letters KINDLED
Jewish mystics 7 letters HASIDIM
Encounter 4 letters MEET
Trees with catkins 6 letters ALDERS
Fool 5 letters CHUMP
Kidney-related 5 letters RENAL
Muse of love poetry 5 letters ERATO
Severely 5 letters BADLY
Campus authority 4 letters DEAN
Provide 4 letters GIVE
Cure 4 letters HEAL
Jethro __ 4 letters TULL
Carnival city 3 letters RIO


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