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Daily Cryptic Crossword January 19 2023 Answers

Best Daily Cryptic Crossword January 19 2023 Answers:

Cheese might be said to produce this 10 letters PHOTOGRAPH
Pre-date form – that’s bureaucracy 7 letters REDTAPE
Little Tom’s digit 5 letters THUMB
Intend to be average 4 letters MEAN
A game babes play with everyone 8 letters BASEBALL
Divine drink that may produce trance 6 letters NECTAR
Goddess making hen eat 6 letters ATHENE
Bells heard in battle? 8 letters DINGDONG
Point to small pudding or potato 4 letters SPUD
Material by the sound of it moved to fro 5 letters SUEDE
Bugs in religious groups? 7 letters INSECTS
Bad art’s seldom produced by great painters 10 letters OLDMASTERS
Italian city partly up a dual carriageway 5 letters PADUA
The shape of a cricket ground 4 letters OVAL
A poser about musical dramas 6 letters OPERAS
Regales again and withdraws 8 letters RETREATS
Feathers or fruit seen on time 7 letters PLUMAGE
Walks seamen drop off? 10 letters PROMENADES
Nonsense makes a Norse god run 10 letters BALDERDASH
Reverie lasting 24 hours? 8 letters DAYDREAM
Hide at one time in California 7 letters CONCEAL
Blacksmiths’ blocks needed about five new nails 6 letters ANVILS
Choices of tools 5 letters PICKS
Man for example I’ll hear 4 letters ISLE


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